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Thread: Insuring an RS5 - suggestions?

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    I recently had my MY18 RS3 sedan stolen, and it was used to ram a police car.... I'm still waiting on it to come back from police forensics, but the signs aren't good for it being repaired, so I am contemplating life after it is written off. I was looking at a MY19 RS5 Sportback. Lovely vehicle, something I have lusted after, and I can possibly stretch to it. My current insurer is NRMA, so I thought I would get a quote to see how much I was up for. The quote came back at $5.5k for market value, garaged, own repairer, <10k p.a. For the RS3 on same basis I was paying $2k. A substantial difference, and could possibly sway me away from the RS5.

    I ran the numbers through compare the market and got some quotes around $2k for the RS5, but with very little detail on what is covered, and not sure they captured enough of my history to be accurate. I don't want to buy this car without knowing how much I will be up for in insurance, so am looking for any suggestions on a good, reputable insurer that you have used for your RS5. Thanks in advance

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    Give Shannon's a call. I've got our cars covered by them. Never had a issue with about 3 claims over the past 10 years.
    Also beware of Market Vale is it goes up and down and you may not be accurately covered... Then again, it's a two sided coin, as if you nominate, you may be under insured.

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    Try enthusiast car insurance. RS4 & 6 with them. You can get agreed value and nominate how far you drive in a year. Premium is based on value and miles driven (amongst other things). NRMA used to have a good policy but they started putting severe mileage restrictions on it so I upped camp and moved.

    I have never had a claim so frankly I cannot even begin to guess how any company would deal with it. I have used Shannons way back but lately they want too much info before giving an indicative quote. And of course it then goes into the never to be deleted records so your cars location is accessible to some people even though you have no business with that company. Not for me.
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    AAMI insures mine for circa $900pa. 2011 with $40k upgrades. 50 years old......15k driven per year and garaged.

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    There is no way I would ever insure a car with AAMI. They operate their own network of panel shops (Capital SMART) that perform poor quality repairs and cut corners at any opportunity.

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    I get choice of repairer with my policy.

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