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Thread: Hey everyone, thank you to the team for a great forum

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    Default Hey everyone, thank you to the team for a great forum


    im Adam, from north Qld. Just purchased a 2nd hand my15 S3 and am a happy camper.

    is my 2nd Audi and love everything about them (besides the repair costs! ) will post in another section but drove from Brisbane to Innisfail and the s3 just held on. Dam water pump leaking !!

    I was aware of this issue from the forum posts and still didnít change my mind on buying this beautiful car

    nice to meet everyone


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    Welcome. You're privileged to be able to drive so enjoy it for us all.
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    Congrats on the S3 purchase adamg78.

    Any pics you can share?

    Sounds like a decent (multi day) drive home - good way to get acquainted with the new car.

    As you've discovered, the water pump issue is a common one on the 2.0Ts, so most VAG specialists should be all over the replacement of the part.

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