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Thread: B7 RS4 Flat Battery and Key Fob

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxblood8 View Post
    Any recommendations mate on which CTEK to get?
    I have a pair of CTEK MXS-5.0 chargers which are quite adequate for all of my batteries (good for up to 110ah).
    They are not trickle chargers in the traditional sense and have a smart 8 cycle program that 'exercises' the battery under charge to avoid overcharging.


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    Any charger will eventually charge a battery but there are certain parameters that help the battery along. 5 amp on a 110 AH battery is very marginal. I have a 3.8 Amp Ctek as well and that does an acceptable job on 75 AH batteries. The advantage of CTEK and other smart chargers is the set and forget programs. Under the current restrictions I have both cars just sitting on charge. The charger manages the requirements and I just connect up with the mobile via bluetooth every few days and see what the situation is.
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    Default B7 RS4 Flat Battery and Key Fob

    As mentioned, no proximity sensor. Leaving the key inside the car will not flatten a battery.

    Any aftermarket car audio headunits or trackers fitted to the car?

    I had an issue where an old tracker with an external backup battery was draining a new car battery in a week.

    Once I replace the external backup battery for tracker that solved the issue.

    Iíve also got a ctek MXS 5 amp Iíve used for years but also purchased a MXS 10 when I was have all the flat battery issues so I could charge faster overnight. I much prefer the 10amp now & use that when required.

    Also got ctek connector hardwired to battery in boot as well.
    Never had an issue directly charging the battery.

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