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    I am an Aussie living in Japan and own a 2014 S7 which I am considering shipping to Australia when I move back. If I ship it back I would ideally like to replace the navigation system and assume that I would need to replace the whole system rather than simply being able to update the map to an Australian map and potentially also adjust the radio/tv band width etc to local standards. I am wondering if anyone has imported an Audi and updated the navigation/stereo/tv system and can confirm what is required and what the approximate cost is please? Any advice in relation to this much appreciated.

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    Do you have carplay feature? I don't use the cars nav anymore as the maps get outdated quickly and I like using waze via carplay.
    Usually with Maps you can load another region with a map/software file which may cost a few hundred $. Radio & tv should be fine i guess? Might need to change regions with vcds or a plug in tool.
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    You may be able to get the right 'firmware' and maps for this to happen. I've seen firmware from a guy called Congo on other forums that people are using to get up-to-date.

    Obviously the other option is reach out to Audi Aus (and be patient!) and see if they can help you. They might be keen to take your money for a firmware and map update.

    Failing that, check out rsnav, which has a direct replacement for most Audi's with new touch screen and Android operating system, giving you more features, but also retaining the audi interface when you want to swap over.

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    Thanks for the tip on the firmware update, I will check it out!!

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    Unfortunately no car play feature with the setup I have!

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    Great information, thanks for the tip!!

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