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Thread: Looking at Audi SQ5 8R - What options?

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    Looks good NR888. Glacier White is a good colour that works well on a range of Audi models including the SQ5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnrdavo View Post
    85 kms total, or 85K (thousand) kms??

    I'm assuming the latter for that year Looks good mate. Do you have VCDS/Vagcom to scan it for errors before picking up?
    If it had only 85 kilometres it wouldn’t have been $49k 😂 Will probably pop by Autofidelity to see if it has been chipped by them after we pick it up from BMW next week. There was a card in the glovebox to say it has been coded and tweaked by them in 2017. Should be interesting to find out more about it.

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    Do autofidelity so chipping, or just nav/stereo upgrades?

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    Chipping, coding, stereos, dash cams, tracking, tow bars etc I gather from their website. Their Facebook page has a post about a white stage 1 SQ5 they tuned which might be the same car as the one we bought but might not be either.

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