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Thread: B7 RS4 Rear Brakes and Rotors kit Goodridge Stainless Steel lines

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    Default B7 RS4 Rear Brakes and Rotors kit Goodridge Stainless Steel lines

    Just cleaning out the cupboard and found these from an old project. As some of you might recall I had a B5 RS4 and from this brake set I rebuilt and used the fronts but never got around to putting the rears on. The fronts worked perfectly and I assume the rears would as well if they are rebuilt.

    I figure the new pads and stainless steel lines are worth $300 or so and most likely I paid a lot more than that.

    How about $330 for the lot, pick up from Sydney metro or can organise shipping.

    Complete with full seal kit for the calipers which will need to be rebuilt but please do your own research. I cleaned up the carriers but yet to tackle the calipers which are very grubby as you can see.

    The rotors look to have a bit of life in them but need a clean up due to the surface rust. Have been kept in door and dry.

    Good DIY project for someone wanting better rear brakes. I believe compatible with b5, b6 or b7.

    20210926_150950.jpg 20210926_150844.jpg 20210926_151549.jpg 20210926_151621.jpg
    20210926_151945.jpg 20210926_151932.jpg 20210926_152029.jpg 20210926_152039.jpg

    More photos to come.

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    Don, having real issues with viewing the forum atm but will take the kit as a project. I have your email somewhere, will contact you re payment and shipping. Tony
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    Thanks Tony, that was fast! I will email you.

    I don't suppose you need a spare low miles rear differential from a b5 also?

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