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Thread: SQ2 - MMI Email/Txt?

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    Default SQ2 - MMI Email/Txt?

    Hey all.

    Just took delivery of a new SQ2.

    Connecting up phone doesn't allow email or text.

    Sales rep's answer is "With regards to the MMI to phones and messages the car does not allow messaging/emails to work. This is due to restrictions on some models in Australia"

    Does this sound right? Never had an issue with other makes....

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    A quick search in google found this:

    Message Function | Audi Connect Plus | Audi Australia


    MMI navigation functional features may differ or not be available for the Australian market. Please refer to your Audi dealer for up-to-date information

    Doesn't seem to be much other info out there... Maybe try ringing another dealer/or service dept to see what they say (or somebody else chime up with useful information!)

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    Congrats on the new SQ2 cbjb18.

    Can you confirm if you've enabled the 'Show Notifications' in the bluetooth device settings on your phone handset?

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    Thanks Alister - yes have ensured "show Notifications" is enabled and tried two different messaging apps on the Samsung Note10....

    but no luck.

    doubt it could be compliance related given last few BMW's have all been fine...

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