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Thread: Wanted v10 RS6 engine

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    Default Wanted v10 RS6 engine

    Hi guys, I need a v10 engine from a v10 Rs6, mine has a hairline crack on top of 1 of the pistons, and I have been told to look for a second hand engine as itís cost prohibitive to rebuild.
    Thanks I will be paying in cash.
    Call or msg me if you know of or have 1 for sale Joseph 0413195836

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    You would probably be best to look for one over in Europe (particularly Germany) as you'll struggle to find one here in a reasonable time frame.

    I just bought a C7 RS6 4.0tt that's got low compression in cylinder 1,
    they were in the same situation as you & had to import a replacement 2nd hand engine from German due to it being cost prohibitive for them to rebuild it.
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    Highly recommend you to just to conduct a partial rebuild.

    1. The chances of you finding one cheep enough in Australia is very slim so importing one from another country is going to cost you the $$$

    2. Even if you were so source a second hand unit, the reliability state is at huge question and ya probably just going to have to rebuild it anyway.

    3. You want to do as much as you can to keep the original engine as Munich as possible to keep the resell value up, A car with a rebuilt original engine is far more then a car with a second hand engine.

    4. Rebuilding your engine will guarantee the reliability and peace of mind when driving it.

    Unless you have severe block damage, I highly recommend just to drop ya engine and do a good inspection on everything.

    When ever owning a V10 in any form itís always going to be two types of people who should own them. Rich people or mechanics.

    I fully recommend just drop the engine, do some inspections to see if anything has been damaged.
    If its just one piston its not a big deal. Yeh ya going to have to strip the head but at the same time you can do a lot of preventative maintenance while ya at it.

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