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Thread: A6 C6/4F ZF Gearbox issue

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    Default A6 C6/4F ZF Gearbox issue

    Hi all.

    A6 c6/4f 3.0tdi with a ZF6HP19A auto gearbox.
    The car was getting stuck in 3\4th gear and would not change. You could cycle the car on/off and it would vome hood gor aqhole. Then after a coule of days ot has no drive at all. Fluid is fine, took it to an auto trans shop amd they said if they have to remove it to even pull apart and diagnose it will be thousands. So it looks like its not kust an eady fix, so i am thinking of trying to find a used box.

    Does anyone know qhat behicles use the same box if amy? Do i can try and widen my search.


    PS: anyone seen any DIY for a remove and replace floating around.

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    you first call should be to an independent to see if they can scan the car for any errors... It could be the gearbox ECU/TCU...

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