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Thread: Help recalibrating ESP?/ABS

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    Hi all, does anyone out there in Brisbane have any experience with re-calibrating the steering angle sensor, ESP and ABS on a B5 S4 or similar. Or know a garage/mechanic who does. To make a long story short, clockspring fell in my lap during a steering wheel change and I initially got in back in misaligned. So everything freaked out. I have have gotten it back in and aligned, but cannot get the ESP/ABS to re calibrate. Have followed various recoding procedures using VAGCOM and gotten part way--i.e. ecu sees steering angle sensor as pointing straight ahead, but cannot get past that point and get rid of the ESP and ABS lights. I do not have any other fault codes either. Any help would be appreciated as I am at my wits end... Cheers, Jeff
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    You could give Mike at Prestige and Performance a call and see if he can help/do it for you..

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    Do a google search for Bob Hawtin or MFSW Conversion Allroad, he wrote a fairly detailed procedure regarding recalibrating. You need login and re-code codes, listed in the article. You could also try the RossTech wiki.
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