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Thread: Stage 1 tune. S5 -> RS5

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    Default Stage 1 tune. S5 -> RS5

    So I just had the EA Stage-1 tune done for my 2017 S5. Very significant difference. Overtaking is even more quick and effortless than it was in at S5 level. During a full-on acceleration my heart almost bursts from the excitement.

    It's also nice that when I'm cruising gently in "efficiency" mode, and then put my foot down to negotiate a roundabout, it thumps forward quicker, without the very noticeable delay that occurs in S5 mode.

    I should have done this upgrade years ago.

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    Stage 1 for most forced induction models is like buying a banana and finally being able to peel the whole thing - something I won't forget from mighty car mods when they said this, made me giggle.

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