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Thread: Q5 2010 3.0tdi rear engine oil leak.

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    Default Q5 2010 3.0tdi rear engine oil leak.

    Hey guys.

    unfortunately wifeís care has a leak at the back of the engine on the drivers side. Itís leaving a few drops every so often on when parked. Itís so tight there canít see where itís coming from. Took it tot the mechanic and they said to take it to audi as it could be an engine out job. I understand the timing chain etc is at the back of the engine. But want to rule out some things before I take the leap.

    can you give me some ideas? Wish I had a telescopic camera to use on the phone to get a better look. Going to thoroughly degrease the the area to have a good look today.

    anyway cheers in advance.

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    You can get an inspection camera from about $60 up so well worth the price for any modern car with tight access. Get a quote from Audi by all means but also try the specialist independents too, usually much cheaper. Unless you are an experienced mechanic, these leaks can be daunting to both find and repair.
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    I got one of these cheap endoscopes from bunnings -
    Water proof, LED lights on the camera, magnetic attachment, has it's own viewer so don't need my phone and thin enough to fit into some tight places.
    Of cause there would be cheaper or better quality ones out there but the convenience of this has me happy.
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