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Thread: 2015 TT FV/8S Mk3 drivers seat wiring, need help

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    Default 2015 TT FV/8S Mk3 drivers seat wiring, need help

    Unfortunately, due to water getting into the drivers side for some time (from somewhere on the fire wall, still yet to find the leak) it has corroded some wires on one of the driver's seat harness connectors (the red one). This is because it is very close to the floor and the wires are thin.

    I've purchased the online workshop manual which has the wiring diagrams but it doesn't show which colour wires connect on the harness and seat connectors. I've also looked at all the pics online without any luck.

    On my car, the red plug has 10 pin places of which only 5 are in use. I know 3 wires which correspond in colour and size on both plugs - red, thick brown and thin brown.
    I don't know which of these following 2 wires connect to each other:

    Seat plug (wires intact) Purple with white strip and Red with green strip.
    Harness plug (wires corroded off) Yellow with blue strip and Purple with yellow strip.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone could have a look at their plugs and advise. The plug is on the front right hand side of the drivers seat under the carpet, the seat will need to be driven back to access.

    Thank you for reading

    If anyone else needs help please reply, I'm happy to help as much as possible. To release the pins from these connectors search for "Terminal Removal Tool Extractor Pin Automotive Car Wire Plug Connector" on Ebay.

    I'll keep you updated about where the leak is when I find it, I'm sure others are going to have the same problem
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    Well, no replies so I might just try connecting the Purple with white strip to Purple with yellow strip. Will keep you updated.

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    sorry mate, looks like nobody has come across that issue/has a similar car..

    I'm assuming you've done the usual google search? I've found the camera on my phone and google picture search has been useful in the past (then again, sometimes the results are completely random!)..

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