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Thread: Farewell to the S4

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    Dear Audi forum friends. Now officially departed as I have purchased a new Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce.
    It is an absolute delight to drive with handling that makes the German brands feel like blocks of wood.
    Make no mistake that I enjoyed all three Audis but it is now time to move on.
    Anyone looking for an absolute bargain; Gulsons in Canberra have my utterly immaculate and fully optioned S4 with everything bar the sports diff and seats.
    It has only 26000 kms, never raced or hooned, loved for every minute of its ownership.
    Ceramic coated, nearly new tyres.... the list goes on.
    For the buyer it might as well be a new car and it has been running APR Stage 1 throughout, has 1 year of Audi warranty left, is a 3.5 sec 0-100 car and all this for $68000 - absolute bargain.
    Good luck to you all and farewell.


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    Sorry to see you go Dingah, you've been a great person to have on the forum.

    Good luck with the Alfa, they say your not a car enthusiast until you've had one (so I'm not then!)... I know they are great handling cars, how do they compare to the BMW's (always quoted as the pure driving experience)?

    I think front wheel drive vs rear wheel vs all wheel are all different 'feelings', and you get used to/or hate one of the other. Personally, I've been driving all wheel drive and front wheel drive for most of my life, with only a few early cars that were rear wheel. I never really got 'good' at letting the back slip out a little bit and enjoying the oversteer, but I think it's something I missed out on in my youth (or maybe I should just start to learn now!)

    I know that somebody is going to pickup up the S4. They don't have that it has the stage 1 APR in the ad, so somebody is going to be surprised when the find out the 'extra' omph it has!

    2018 Audi S4 Tiptronic Quattro B9 8W MY18 $68,830 - Gulson

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