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Thread: Random chat thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnrdavo View Post
    Hey Luke, yeah, no many in Australia doing what we do.
    Our business is small, but has all the major telco's, all of Defence, banks, gov departments etc and some small ones.
    We sell the software, install, support, train, import records, site audits as well. We also sell some of the associated hardware (PDU's/ILM's and sensors)..

    I started work there over 15 years ago, then bought the company about 2 years ago Nothing like being your own boss!

    Jnrdavo.... That's because my older brother is Davo (Senior)... thus, me.... jnr davo..

    I've got a Breitling {something}.. Not really sure of the model without looking at the manual. It doesn't get worn that much, just when going out somewhere fancy, or dressing up (not often!). It's a bit 'small', but was a special 'model' when I purchased it, which was a few days after I got handed my divorce papers... went out and purchased something the same day to ease the pain, then sunk a few bottles to drown the pain....
    so cool buying your own work place!
    you must enjoy what you do.
    dont think ill ever have that opportunity where i currently work.
    i swing spanners at Thredbo.
    amazing job.
    i went through a massive phase where i was sick of being a mechanic, but really enjoying the current work and team i work with.

    some great perks to this job. getting to snowboard to some of my work is fantastic.

    i also done similar after my divirce.
    there was a watch i had my eye on for 3 years when i was married, but couldnt afford it.
    bought after the divorce, but purchased hastily online, and got the wrong size.
    looks a little too small on my wrist, which bums me a little.
    being an odd brand, hasnt resold easily either.

    im still searching for the same watch in the larger size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickles View Post
    Welcome, I too love watches, I have an Omega Professional Speedmaster (manual wind), the "Moon Watch"!
    Regards, Pickles.

    Hi Pickles, hope you are talking about the 1969 version and not those marketing exercises Omega has pushed out ever since on the coat tails of the original. Sadly, I don't have one of those but the next best thing is an original Speedmaster Professional Mk2 with the racing dial. A bit battered but it has been with me ever since it was released.
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    Even remakes are better than yhe current "bioceramic", aren't they?

    But hey, for those who cant afford a genuine, it's a nice option to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke gtr View Post
    im hoping(and guessing) you make some custom parts to mod your car?
    blue mountains are gorgeous.
    i originally hail from penrith, so grew up staring at them.

    have seen a planet ocean in a 45mm which i would love to own.
    maybe one day....
    Nah, my cars are stock. I did fabricate some parts way back when I had a 74 Beetle. These days the most tricky thing I do is custom install my phone mounts so they all look like they belong and not just clipped on.

    I bought my Omega back in 2011 and back then they only had 39.5mm & 43.5mm. I see now they have a 45.5mm so that would look massive on me.

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    Yes, mine is the original version, had it since 1969, it's been serviced a few times, it has to be sent to Switzerland which costs a fortune.
    Luke GTR, I'm not much good at putting up pics etc, but I'll see if Wifey can do anything.

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    Lest we forget.
    A shame so many lives had to be given.

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    It just reminds me how privileged I am. Lest we forget.

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    Going to be glad to be back at work.
    Have been in isolation after testing positive to covid.
    Has been a pretty uneventful week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke gtr View Post

    On another forum I frequent (SAU) we have a general **** post chat thread. Literally chatting about anything and everything.

    Didn't think I could get away with the name of the thread here, and didn't want to push the boundaries.

    From these threads, I have made life long friends, and hope to do the same here.

    In its prime(long gone) we would generally grt through 1000 pages, or 20k posts in under 6 months.

    Anyway, a little about myself to get things rolling.
    I'm Luke.
    I'm a mechanic (unfortunately)
    Live in the Snowy mountains area of NSW.
    Love cars, watches, scuba and snow boarding.

    Looking forward to getting to know others too!

    Cheers 

    Great initiative Luke.

    I'm Shant.

    Work in Accounting and Finance. Based in Ryde NSW.

    Also a lover of cars, watches (seems to be a theme going here), computers/games (techy stuff)

    A liverpool supporter for those EPL fans out there and a big Formula One head. Mercedes AMG is who I support, not the greatest start to the season but we'll get there.

    I own a Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46mm (I've also got some big wrists lol).

    Recently built a PC (first time ever) which was a great experience but now I've fallen down the rabbit hole and want to built another lol - been spending the last couple of weeks tinckering with that.

    Now weighing up options on what to do next on the RS.

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    Hey Shant, I'm a liverpool supporter too (I lived in England for quite a few years, and supported Derby, but they are almost non-existent now, so have supported Liverpool for about 10 years).

    I've also just built a new pc, but have been doing it for years. Last one lasted for 5 years or so (?), but didn't have TPM, so wouldn't take windows 11, and I like to be bleeding edge with software (I have a microsoft partner membership, so get the latest etc).

    Not sure who I really go for in F1... I want Ricciardo to win, but I suppose I go for red bull in the end... Will be interesting if/when Porsche/Audi/VW go in, to see what actually happens (ie, will they just supply engines to existing teams, or start a new one).

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