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Thread: Firmware and Oz 2021 Maps for 2013 A6 allroad

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    Default Firmware and Oz 2021 Maps for 2013 A6 allroad

    Just a note to say that it is possible to avoid dealer unreasonable pricing and update the firmware and maps.

    A few 3rd parties do it for a fee, but you can do it yourself. I have managed (with a bit of mucking about and learning) to get the HN+R EU AU K0900 updated to HN+R EU AU K0942 4, as well as replace the 2012 maps with 2021 versions.

    A5OC is your friend...


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    Hi Cameron, trying to update my 2016 allroad - as I have MIB2 I should be able to get Android Auto and restore Google Earth with the K3663 Firmware... Just cant find anyone who has done it on an Aussie Model.
    Cant find info much on international forums for our region and the fact we have limited to no Audi connect services here too.
    With your maps Did you use the 20GB+ ROW version? the last lot I downloaded were around 5GB - likely AUS/NZ only.


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    MIB2 is known as MHI2 - there is a lot more if you search for that, but I couldn't see anything overly helpful with a quick glance.

    You could talk to these people, no idea if they are good or not:

    The maps I downloaded were 32GB and for AU / NZ / South Africa, so prob full RoW. But I suspect it's not very relevant.

    I thought with MIB2 you could download updates from (not .au), but I have not paid a lot of attention, it's hard enough to follow the 2013 A6 and 2016 TTS...
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    Default Mib2

    Actually, there is stuff about.

    Take a look here: ID:guest PW:guest


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    Clearly I was having brain-fade when I posted my replies.

    MIB2 = MHI2 = the same as what's in at least some of the VC cars, including my 2016 TTS. Dur...
    Then I remembered I found the TTS solution via the A6 "C7.5" carplay discussion on Exactly what you are looking for. Double Dur..

    I suggest you read this:!/
    I did, from start to finish, about a year ago. They have worked out how to do it themselves as the posts go on, but I paid CarPlay_audi on WhatsApp to do the work - he had the firmware for a TT for Aust, so he will have the correct A6 C7.5 firmware

    I have not gone on to the FEC edit, that's next, as I want to update my inbuilt maps...


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    Cam, I've logged into MIB Solution. What do I download? You have a link to an instruction manual of sort? I have an Audi RS3 2015. My maps are 2018 amd want to upgrade to the latest.
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    Sorry, I'm not familiar with the '15 RS3. Maybe check in the A3 forum?

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    They should be very similar as long as the cars are built on or near the same date.
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    So this has gone very off topic (RS3 in an A6 forum), but everything you need is in here:

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