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Thread: missing fuse?

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    Default missing fuse?

    Hi All,

    Was poking around in my boot the other day, and noticed what appears to be a fuse missing from the fuse box.

    I havent been able to find any useful documentation on the rear fuse box, so im struggling to figure out what this missing fuse is for (or indeed if it is needed).

    Is anyone able to help with some guidance, or even better still some documentation on this fuse area?



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    Doesn't your lid have a plan of what the fuses are?

    You'll also notice that there are many more missing under the pink covers... not to worry, they are for 'other' stuff that may only be available as options/other countries etc.

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    As jnrdavo said, your car may not have the equipment that that particular fuse location relates to, so it's worth checking a fuse diagram to see if there should be one there.

    Alternatively, there is no harm putting a fuse in, it just might not do anything!

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