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Thread: New member / prospective Q5 owner in Melbourne

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    Default New member / prospective Q5 owner in Melbourne

    Afternoon everyone. I've been a bit of a lurker for awhile but about to get back into 4 rings ownership so thought I'd do an intro.

    Owned a C5 RS6 while I lived in the UK a few years ago and just recently sold my B7 A4 2.0TQ S-Line manual. Loved the car but due to hip / old man issues need to drive an auto and something that sits a little less low. Based in inner Melbourne. On the lookout for an 8R Q5 3.0TDi over the next couple of weeks, so hopefully will have some pics to post soon.



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    Welcome Fraser.

    Was the RS6 a sedan or Avant? Either way, nice car!

    A5 is also nice, but do a bit of reading on the TDI, there was a thread today (yesterday?) in regards to oil leaks and costs to repair. Might not be the same engine, but it's triggering a memory from earlier.

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