5) Pick up the screen and the back shell and place them on the screen face (on something soft if that's not obvious!). The ribbon cable is towards the bottom of the tablet so lift the top of the back shell up and you'll see the ribbon cable, with a metal bar holding it in place. Prise the bar off.


6) With the bar off, you'll be able to pop the ribbon cable connectors off.


7) I mentioned back in (4) that you'll need to apply some force to separate the screen and the back shell. That's because the CPU is mounted on the screen assembly and then they've applied a heatsink compound glue between the CPU and the back shell, which is aluminium and acts as the heatsink.


8) With the screen separated from the back shell, you can now access the battery. The battery is two banks held together in a plastic holder. It's held in place by 8 T5 screws.