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Thread: RS3 22/20 Rim Compatiblity and Offset

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    Cool RS3 22/20 Rim Compatiblity and Offset


    First post to this forum! I've come from the modified WRX/STi world and have very recently picked up a tastefully modified 2020 RS3 with 4000ks on it!, which of course, I am very much enjoying! I'll share some pictures below.

    Anyway, I have of course started to look at a few mild little tweaks, which hopefully does not turn into an all-out modifying obsession like it did in the world of Subarus.

    So my question, if anyone yet has knowledge:

    Does anyone know if 2022 RS3 rims will clear the OEM 8 piston fronts on a 2020 RS3? PCD is the same, offset and width is different. 19x8.5 +46 on the 2020 vs 19x9 +25 on the 2022.

    Thankyou and I look forward to reading more on this forum and hearing from you all.


    Screenshot 2022-05-26 193650.jpgPXL_20220625_084226716_2.jpgPXL_20220608_052914857.jpg

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    Where are you situated? We have an RS3 Facebook forum with many knowledgeable guys.
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    Through some FB posts elsewhere, I discovered 8Y rims will fit via:

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    Are you ordering some? And from where?

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    Heard they won't fit. Other option would be a set of Wedssport TC105X's.


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    Anyone know the part number for the OEM silver wheels for the RS3 (available overseas?)RS3 8Y Wheels Silver.jpg

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