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Thread: Questions about towing with a 2012 Q5

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    Default Questions about towing with a 2012 Q5

    We have a 2012 Audi Q5 2.0 T that did not come with the factory tow packageThe factory tow package can no longer be added to Q5s older than 2016 (at least in Canada where we are)
    We had the Draw Tite hitch installed (part # 75940)
    We have 7 pin wiring installed and working and do not have the trailer tow module.

    We used to tow our 14 ft travel trailer (3500 lbs fully loaded) - with a V6 Rav 4 with a weight distribution hitch (WDH).

    Draw Tite tech support says our hitch can NOT be used with a weight distribution hitch (as does the equivalent Curt hitch), and no other aftermarket hitches are available for the Q5 that we are aware of.

    Local trailer dealers say to go ahead and use the WDH and even though the documentation (for hitch and car) says not to. They say everything from Audi is European and they don't understand WDH to the hitch makers are following the car makers lead.

    Questions -
    1. Is anyone using this draw tite hitch on their Q5 with a WDH ? Any problems?

    2. Is there another aftermarket hitch for a 2012 Q5 that is rated for weight distribution hitch?

    3. We haven't yet, but will try towing it with a regular weight bearing hitch and sway bar. Is anybody with a similar sized trailer doing this successfully with a Q5?

    Looking forward to hearing from some experienced users.


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    Westfalia seem ro be the one most use here.

    Maybe give rhe guys at autofidelity a call to see if they can help..

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