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    Hi all. Been a long while since I've posted (haven't had any issues!) However, my 1988 Audi 100CD Avant is suffering starting issues. Would appear to be the cold start unit, which according to the workshop manual is "not user repairable" and, of course, a new one isn't available. This is a superb two-owner car (I'm the second) in amazing original condition (every panel still wears the factory paint). The car will start, but usually after six to eight attempts, and then it runs perfectly. It's in with my usual repairer (a Euro specialist) but I haven't heard from him for a week, which doesn't bode well. Any suggestions?

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    Wow!! Looks mint. I remember I had cold start issues as well when I had my 100 (1990). It always appeared to happen when it's been raining, even though the car was a carport or garage so I suspected something to do with humidity and not wet electrics. Same as you, once started it would be fine.

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    some interesting/amusing read here that might help.

    Audi 100 5cyl cold start problem (

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    At least I got a laugh from that. I'll keep you posted on developments. Thank you.

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    Yeah, it's in incredible condition. It's been pretty wet here for some weeks, so moisture could be an issue. We'll just keep crossing off the variables. Thanks for the feedback. I thought it would be the gearbox that killed it ... I was talking to Dr John Wright who has a 200 Turbo (uses the same gearbox). His has been off the road for years with a dead trans. Like me, he assumed it would be a proprietary item but apparently it's unique to Audi.

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    Hi all. I discovered a connector disengaged from the fuel metering device. When I reconnected it, the car started (hooray!) and after one initial drop in revs, idled perfectly. I repeated the procedure three times from a cold start with the same result. Looks like we're back on the road. Still doesn't explain why the car would eventually start and then run, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Thank you all for your advice and input.

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