Hi All,
First time using this forum. Been a long long time since Iíve been on here.
So I have a 2009 Audi Q5 3.0Ltr TDI.
Itís done about 120,000 Kms and Iím just noticing a couple of things with the transmission.
When I reverse out of my driveway it takes a while for the transmission to find the gear to drive and keeps rolling backwards.
Secondly when I finally do take off, sometimes itíll just drive but without any reverse. So I have to turn the car off and switch it on again for it to drive properly.
Then other times if Iím waiting to turn, as soon as I take off, the car just stalls.
Anyone else have or had these issues and is it something I should get looked at now, before the problem gets worse? If Iím fact it is a problem or is this just normal for these model cars?

Any advice information would be great.



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