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    Hi All,
    First time using this forum. Been a long long time since Iíve been on here.
    So I have a 2009 Audi Q5 3.0Ltr TDI.
    Itís done about 120,000 Kms and Iím just noticing a couple of things with the transmission.
    When I reverse out of my driveway it takes a while for the transmission to find the gear to drive and keeps rolling backwards.
    Secondly when I finally do take off, sometimes itíll just drive but without any reverse. So I have to turn the car off and switch it on again for it to drive properly.
    Then other times if Iím waiting to turn, as soon as I take off, the car just stalls.
    Anyone else have or had these issues and is it something I should get looked at now, before the problem gets worse? If Iím fact it is a problem or is this just normal for these model cars?

    Any advice information would be great.



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    Most common problem I've heard with the Q5's is the "TCU", or Transmission Control Unit.

    Lost of stuff on the interweb about it, and the bad news is Audi want many thousands for a new one ($7K??).

    I think I did read however, that there are other companies that will take your TCU (you have to remove it) and can 'fix/repair' it for a fraction of the cost.

    I would suggest that your car needs a scan with VCDS or other such software as a first point of call to see if any errors are being thrown.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Really appreciate it. I think Iíll go see my mechanic and get him to do a scan and see what comes up.

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