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Thread: Tyres for 2021 RS4

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    Default Tyres for 2021 RS4

    Have original Pirelli P zeros for 25K of suburban/freeway "average style" driving.
    Need new tyres.
    Do I stick with the original or is there now a better "summer" tyre overall.
    Each tyre dealer gives his own "sell".

    Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.

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    I would recommend you get the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S as replacements.

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    I agree with Alister. I've had Piero on Audi's for 25+ years and finally swapped to 4s 6 months ago or so, and think they are great.

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    +1 for Michelin PS4S, one of the best tyres on the market.

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    Mich Pilot sport, once you have them you won't go back.

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    The other tyre to consider is the new Continental Sport Contact 7 which has edged out the PS4S on a few data points in some reviews. There is also the older Contact 6 which is quite good. Although as people point out you can't go wrong with the PS4S. Although for "average style" driving not sure if you will notice the difference between any of the main brands like Good Year, Continental, Michelin, Bridgeston, Yokohomam, or Pirelli. So perhaps better to look at the wear rating/durability of the tyre rather than performance.

    Let us know what you decide on.

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    Over a period of three years I have tried all the popular tyres for this car, one set at a time.
    In short the Khumo that were EOM fitted in Germany were pretty darn good.
    But...... of all the testing I did (Michelin, Chum, Continental and Pirelli) the hands down winner is and remains the Dunlop SP Sport Max GT - an AO marked tyre manufactures in Germany.
    Far quieter than the over-recommended (lemming effect?) Michelins which I found to be good at nearly everything but far, far too noisy to live with for 3-4 years.
    I only cover around 10k kms per annum in the Audi comprising the full gambit of road surfaces and no track work.
    My S4 is faster than most and loves to be driven and the turn-in, grip and balance of the Dunlops is beyond reproach whilst being almost the quietest of the bunch.
    What wear there is appears even and I never get the sensation of rolling over the edge of the Dunlop or scrubbing understeer.
    I have recommended these to all that ask, including dealerships which often raises eyebrows because the masses appear obsessed with Michelin; which are a good tyre but LOUD over the ACT's favourite cold mix coarse surfaces.
    I am of an age and profession where I take a measured and considered approach to most things and really understanding, hands-on, the true characteristics of performance tyres for my S4 was a lengthy but interesting journey.



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    I used to be a Bridgestone man but now I am a Michelin man. NOT Bibendum! I use Michelin Sport 4 on two of my motorcycles and also on my Audi. They are quieter than the Continental Contacts and the grip is beyond my bravery. Also on one of my motorcycles I discovered their water dispersal, mid corner, at highly illegal speeds was amazing. They are very sensitive to inflation pressure and I check and adjust mine on the first of the month. Both on two wheels and four wheels I have found that when it comes to "handling" the answer is smooth. I have no idea how much P Zeros cost now but for an average driver they are a total waste of money and noisier than most tyres. I fit tyres for safety; for braking, cornering, wet weather etc. I have participated in a few advanced driving courses and know that most tyres exceed most driver's abilities.

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