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Thread: SQ5 genuine front rotor issues! Anyone experienced what I have x 2 !

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    Default SQ5 genuine front rotor issues! Anyone experienced what I have x 2 !

    Hi, own a 2016 SQ5 PLUS purchased used with new genuine rotors all round. After 8 months front rotors rattling over small bumps. Diagnosis: rotors moving apart from top hat via the pins that lock them together? Put on another set brand new same issue again after 6 months, call supplier and they say never had an issue? Local supplier is in Sydney.
    Same rotor used on A8 part number Zimmerman
    4H0 615 301AA. Totally confused as this has happened twice and NO ONE can give me an answer??? Has anyone else had this problem would be great to get to the bottom of it..Thanks in advance.
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    Default SQ5 genuine front rotor issues! Anyone experienced what I have x 2 !

    Are you sure itís the rotors?

    Did you replace pads at the same time?

    It could be pad knock.

    If you apply brakes lightly when the noise happens, does it go away?

    Hard to believe that would happen on genuine rotors & 2 sets for that matter.

    I would stick a new set of pads in & see what that does.

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    Thanks for your reply, 100 % rotors without a doubt. If you remove the rotor you can see the actual rotor moving on the top hat, the design is strange with a pin arrangement that locks them together.
    Purchased brand new 6 months ago! No issues with pads done all that all genuine Audi pads like new still, the knock noise is very noticeable and yes when foot on brakes all goes away! Please look at this video and have a look and see what you think.

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    I had exactly the same issue with my SQ5, first set was replaced under warranty and I sold the car as the new discs started making the same noise. Took me ages to identify the problem but I eventually found people complaining about the noise on UK, Canadian and NZ forums. Mine were Zimmerman discs, my service guy (independant) suggested I use a DBA disc instead.

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    Thankyou very much! Finally someone else with the same problem, I thought there must have been a problem with these elsewhere. The supplier in Sydney tells me he has never ever heard of it? I think they know but dont want to do anything about it, I am not going to let it go when you spend $1k on rotors and there good for 6 months and only 6,000 KMS on them. Zimmerman is the brand and to think we bought the car with new ones fitted as well and they lasted 8 months so 2 sets in such short time. DBA is what I am going to install they seem to be good without any issues. Thanks for the reply much appreciated.

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    Not many people replace the Rotors with original ones. I owned an SQ5 2013.
    I replaced them with DBA Rotors.
    I now own an RS3 and did the DBAs again with Intima Pads.
    If you need to replace again, go after market.
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    Thanks for your info, quite sad that the OEM rotor is not up to scratch. When you consider they are also used on some S8 and A8 cars and most likely all will have the same issues, yes on the DBA rotors that is what we will be doing in the near future.

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    Not sure if you guys have "Intima" pads over there but they are great. Ferodo ones a good too
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