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  • Hi Alister,
    For the a6 with lane assist camera, what would be the next step to enable the traffic sign recognition.

    Hi Alister,

    I am new to the forums and had a query for you as I believe (from doing research) you know everything there is to know about the RNS-E in the Audi's. I have just purchased a B7 RS4 which has the flat bottom steering wheel and I would like to install OEM bluetooth kit. I went to Tower Audio in Moorabbin today and spoke with Chris who told me that firstly they don't do OEM kit's and secondly he believed that it could not be done as the car doesn't have the MFSW - do you know if this is correct?

    If the OEM bluetooth kit can be installed, can it have an ipod connection also in the glovebox which will operate through the screen (AMI)?

    If you could please get back to me that would be appreciated.

    Hi Allister,
    Am new to the forum despite being a member for a while. It appears you are pretty familiar with the audis. I have a Audi A4 B8 2010 2L TDI.The LHS rear LED's need changing. I have factory fitted LEDS. Audi wants around $1500. Do you have any contact where I can go for replacement. Also would it need to be programmed. Thanks
    Hey, do you have the coding for AUDI A4 B8 2011, I am in desperate need!! I have installed the lights, but the right xenon works normally but the left xenon blinks 3 times then turns off, and the drls only work when you hold the high beam switch on, but they flash like crazy
    Gday mate,

    I sent a PM only a few minutes ago but am not sure if it went through as I've been having a few issues with the website.. Did it come through?

    I have recently bought some parts from a guy in the Uk who says he can get all audi parts at a discount. If so I would like to post his website for people to contact him if they need a part sourced - is that ok to do or does the forum frown on that sort of promotion


    Hello Alister,

    hog66 gave me some info that you were helping him with a OEM bluetooth install for his Audi.
    He linked me to: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audi-Bluetooth-Interface-New-Genuine-Retrofit-kit-RNS-E-A3-TT-A4-B7-R8-etc-/170767026723?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item27c2820a23#ht_1990wt_1396
    I messaged them but they said it would not fit my 2005 Audi A4, Chorus II iso connection i guess that must be a quadlock.
    Could you help me find an OEM kit that would fit my connection?
    I know these will fit: http://fiscon-mobile.com/products/fis_audi.php#car have you had any experience with these kits?

    Sorry if i have placed this in the wrong section but wanted to make contact with you.
    Hi Alister,
    I'm new to this forum but im taking a guess you know a lot when it comes to Audi's.
    I have a 2007 TT with a RNS-E unit (part no. 8J0 035 192) that i purchased on Ebay-UK. So far it's working ok.
    I'm stuck with Europe Maps at the moment which aren't useful. Do you still have maps available to purchase?
    Also do you know if Australian maps will work in this unit? - i didn't check before purchasing if the DVD players have region restrictions..
    Any info would be a great help.
    Alister , the company forgestar in the usa dont make a 19x9

    do you think a 19x10 would fit? have you any experience with wheels and offsets for these RS cars...as last time my head was in the fron suspension area..drive shaft boot change...the clearance for the 19x9 seemed very minimal? thanks mate
    Hi Alister

    Do you know of many members with RS4's, would be keen to catch up possibly for a short drive day and exchange views and experiences.
    Am looking at this Sunday with a few others but dont know anyone with RS4.
    Hi Alister,
    Can I ask you the question I posted in the forum? Basically trying to work out if its worth getting a factory fit RNS-E on my S3? Sure I get a head unit and the Map DVD, but the factory want over 5K,(is there more to a factory fit than the head unit?) whats your view, please help me be more informed, obviously dealer not much help!
    Thanks, I appreciate any time you can give to an answer..
    Hi Alister,
    Looks like for S4 came from Penfold Audi? Was this the one advertised a month or so ago?
    I got a blue one a week or two later, I'm having some 'issues' with Penfold and wouldn't mind a second opinion.
    G'day Alister,
    I am thinking about getting an upgrade to RNS-E from Ebay. But no one seems to have Aussie map to go with. Any wisdom that you can share with me regarding this?
    Hi Alister,

    Sounds like you may be able to help me with an RNS-E upgrade unit for my 2006 Audi A3. If so, can you let me know the pricing? I am in Melbourne and should be able to fit myself, provided you can supply all the parts needed.

    I was also after the integrated Audi Bluetooth (complete kit) to match..

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