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Where's Wally
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  • hey mate! Sorry for losing you the other night, bloody phone died!
    You've prob got an idea what's going on.. booking in to exoticars during the wk I hope, as lucas has been speaking to arthur and recommended them and may send up a spare ecu..
    At this pt i should let you know, while all these probs have been going on.. when it starts running bad, tapping on the ecu box changes things.. (Ie, smoothed out the bad idle issues).. this is how i knew the giac tune was faulty and then had it sent back to lucas. he fixed it... admitted to faulty solder, but still, as you've read, i've got issues. mind you, when it runs ok, it hammers!
    have you had experience with arthur/exoticars or know of anyone who has... or their labour costs?
    Would it be worthwhile coming round to yours one night (day?) this week (if you had time) and vag-com'ing it?
    I heard from DKW that you have a car you are canabalising for bits. I am after an accelerator pedal for 90 sp. Also a jack/tools but he beilived they had already gone. Is the pedal available? Peter
    yo mate, for the meet up in syd you got an approx address that i can put in to my tom tom? cause it doesnt know were "oi tom tom find maccas" is rofl!
    cheers mate
    are you pads solid gold? ouch...but price you pay for quality I suppose. will give him a bell and see what postage is like to brizzy or see if there is a local supplier as my efforts so far to locate one have been in vain. If you wanted to fit larger calipers afterwards easy enough again?
    hey wally

    how'd the bake upgrade go? looking at doing it myself when I finally give in and fork out for new rotors...easy enough job?
    Hi Wally, thanks for going to the effort of sending me an email regarding the wheels. Unfortunately the ones you mentioned on ebay are current style rs4 wheels. I can pick those up brand new with tyres for no more than $1800 at motorsport wheeels. What i am looking for is the rs4 style wheels prior to the current shape wheels which were from the b5 a4. I can find them in 17's an 18's but 19's seem to be sold out everywhere. The B5 rs4 wheels suit the b6 a4 so muuch better than the current shape rs4 wheels, but it seems i have no choice but to replace my trashed/buckled 19" b5 rs4 wheels with the new shape ones... Thanks again unless you have any other ideas!
    gahh i want brakes now :( soo much money for what i want! bahh.

    car goin good man?
    hey mate

    to be completely honest i had totally forgotten about them...i ended up cleaning up mine a little and making some hom adjustments so im happy atm...feel free to sell them to someone elso if you have interest mate...really sorry for screwing you around
    happy to offer u $400 mate...how easy is the install etc? and they fit into the stock housing's? i have xenon bulbs etc so not 2 worried about those..appreciate the help mate
    are you selling the silver set? if so let me know a price coz im definately interested
    merry christmas and happy new year to you as well.. mate.. thanks let me know how u go with the coil overs ...
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