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    1990 Audi V8 quattro

    Here ya go, old school fans. Another one of the 15 or so Aussie imports has come up for sale. No affiliation with owner... just wish I had the budget and space for one of these, a 90 q 20v, an S2 etc etc...
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    What happened to the C4S4 at Pickles?

    A blue 1995 S4 was at Pickles damaged auction in Sydney today. I don't really know, but I think it was the one 4sale on drive a while ago. Anyone know what it went for? I wanted to go and bid but it needs some work. Cosmetically there was no damage I could see from the pics, but the front...
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    For sale 1990 Audi V8 quattro, blue, less than $3000

    PM me for details if you're interested. This is NOT my old car but another Aussie V8 quattro I heard about recently, it's in Sydney. It has been stolen and recovered so some parts are missing and some damage but sounds like it could be put back on the road with some TLC. Going cheap.
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    1990 Audi V8 quattro - Sydney

    Here it is: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/1990-Audi-V8-quattro-excellent-condition-full-history_W0QQitemZ4630994281QQcategoryZ9835QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem It'll be at the VW/Audi Nationals on Sunday. It's got to go so make a sensible offer. You might be surprised.
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    V8 quattro in Canberra?

    I've heard that there's a V8 quattro in Canberra - apparently the guy's owned it for a while, bought it from a diplomat. Sound familiar to any of you in Canberra?
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    Wheel repairs in Sydney

    Sorry if this has been asked recently (I can't find the post) but any recommendations for alloy rim repairs in Sydney? I'm talking about kerb scraping damage repair only. Also any idea of cost? Thx.
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    Boleros on A4q 1.8T

    Circa 1999, Audi fitted a multispoke alloy to the A4 quattro 132kW (?), a wheel Audi called the Bolero. It is approx 10 spoke, open lugs with small centre cap, 17-inch. Does anyone know the PCD, offset and width of these wheels?
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    Is the G12 red coolant still available?

    Just wondering if it has been superceded by G12 Plus coolant (which has a purple dye in it) Thx, Phil.
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    1991 Audi V8 quattro FS

    Unfortunately my finance minister has decreed that the toy must go. Very reluctantly, the following is for sale: 6/90 build, 4/91 compliance Audi V8 quattro 3.6-litre 184kW V8 4-speed auto climate control aircon Kodiak leather interior with power-adjustable, sports front seats power sunroof...
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    Anyone driven the new Polo?

    Interested to hear what you think. The TDI or GTI are the two models I'm most interested in. With a set of alloys (maybe ex-GTI IV Montreals, if they fit) the TDI could be a torquey 5-dr alternative to the GTI. At the price, either is an attractive option as a 2nd car.
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    Old school blues

    Can anyone recommend a good power steering reco shop that knows what they're doing? I still can't quite see where oil is pouring from, but it looks like my V8q has sprung a hydraulic leak from either the rack or a hose to the rack. Will need to find someone to make a new high-pressure hose or...
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    1990 V8 quattro sedan FS

    Nope, it's not mine, but if anyone wants what is basically an old school A8 this might be worth a look. When I saw it in March it need some $$ spent on it (like all V8qs) but it has low kays and seems pretty original...
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    Very cheap A8

    Went to a Pickles auction last week, saw a 97 A8 3.7 with 93,000km, dealer serviced, few minor scrapes. A repo. Two bidders, started at $15k, sold for $16k. Plenty of other stuff that went much cheaper than I thought it would. It really is a buyer's market out there in used car world.
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    VDO service

    Anyone know a VDO instrument specialist in Sydney? I've given up on trying to fix my dodgy temp gauge. Also, anyone wrecking a late 100?
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    heater matrix

    Anyone bought a new one for a 100/200 recently? If so can u tell me where and how much it cost?
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    So is your Audi expensive to maintain?

    Saw an ad for an A6 where the owner claimed it was as cheap to run and get parts for as a Holden. Well, I don't know about that... but I know my V8q is much cheaper for parts than I expected. I hear that a Mazda 626 electronic auto can cost $4000 to repair, Saab charges $440 for a pwr window...
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    Wanted: steering wheel adapter hub

    to fit Nardi wheel to Audi 100/200/V8. Or anyone know of an adapter that suits the Nardi diameter? Not the same as Momo, as I have already discovered.
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    89 Coupe quattro

    Looks stuffed around a bit to me but could be a good project car. Cheap enough, that's for sure. http://www.drive.com.au/used_cars/audi//sydney/detail.aspx?id=2331996&pg=1&pp=2&d=0&nv=1
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    Audi V8 quattro

    Dark blue with premium black on white NSW plates spotted on freeway at Artarmon. Looked to be in good nick. One on the 15 imported, eh?
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    C4 Avant 2.8q reliability

    Anything to look out for with this model? Any big problems they have? Anyone familiar with the 2.8V6 in other applications if not in the C4 and can tell me what they think of this engine? Fuel economy, relaibility, oil consumption? When are the cam belts due? Thanks guys.