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  1. jessV3

    Bang For Your Bucks

    And the 2011 winner is..... http://www.ausmotive.com/2011/07/11/volkswagen-polo-gti-is-bang-for-bucks-champ.html This is a significant win for the Polo GTI as it also won COTY (Drives, Car of the year). VW are on a roll with their GTI's, the Golf GTI winning both Awards last year.
  2. jessV3

    Cheap B7 3ltr TDI

    I bidded on this at auction my max bid was 25k but the reserve was not met. He wants 29k which I think is still a great buy for a B7 A4 3.0tdi. its only done 50k http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290582568778&ssPageName=ADME:X:SCO:AU:1123 You can easily chip these (bluefin)...
  3. jessV3

    Wider rear wheels on a FWD?

    Hi, A friend has a spare set of S2000 wheels off his Honda and I was thinking of putting them on my G.F's DC5 Integra, but when I had a look at them I noticed the rear wheels are wider then the front. Do you think this will mess with the handling of a FWD car? - Im sorry its not really an...
  4. jessV3

    Best Apps? -Android & iphone

    Having recently migrated over to an Android based phone, im interested to see what app's people love on their roid's and iphones. My list is: (in order) Tapatalk Pro- Forum based app, to date its the only app ive paid for and worth it. Smooth Calendar - Must have calendar widget, should've...
  5. jessV3


    I moved house about a month ago. We are renting a beach front property near Newcastle CBD, we are on top of a hill which attracts a fair bit of wind. My car is not garaged (which im not happy about) and Ive noticed every morning i have a layer of salt over my car, sometimes its quite thick...
  6. jessV3

    Victoria Swamped

    Speaking of wild weather, Newcastle has been in a real heatwave the last week. Im in brisbane at the moment but before i left i managed to take this pic of my dis: It shows 44c at 5pm and that was only 5kms from the coast, would hate to think of what the people out west are going through. I...
  7. jessV3

    E.O.I B5 A5 96 - DAMAGED, going cheap.

    A friend of mine, had an accident in his A4 and really cant be bothered fixing it. The details are: 96 B5 A4 1.8 20v (non turbo) 5spd Manual. Car has 22X,XXXkms on it, But he got a full engine rebuild and clutch replacement done 40k ago (says he's got receipts). He hit a motorbike at...
  8. jessV3


    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8196817/blackbirds-found-dead-along-highway creepy
  9. jessV3

    Toowoomba floods and tsunami!

    Flood donation website: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html Please give generously. *** Helping Queensland Flood Victims - Please Call 1800 786 724 *** Official Statement In light of recent events, Storage King is extending our January First Month’s Storage Free offer to those affected...
  10. jessV3

    Scirocco spotted on carsales

    I like the look of them...
  11. jessV3

    What to do in Brisbane/ Gold Coast?

    I was out of idea's on what to get the misses this year for Christmas so i just got some flights to Brisi and booked at the Crowne in Surfers Paradise. Ive never been to Brisbane for a holiday, only business a few times. I only booked the Crowne for a few days and want to spend the other 3...
  12. jessV3

    Apr christmas sale - until 24th dec - hurry!

  13. jessV3

    FS Samsung Galaxy S - New, unopened.

    Brand new Samsung Galaxy S 16gig. unopened in the box. I received this yesterday from Optus as I upgraded my plan, its completely unlocked and unbranded. Its still has the Samsung seal on the box. I'll supply the Optus invoice I got with it as a proof of purchase (for any warranty...
  14. jessV3

    Who listens to their service book?

    Like Audi my service schedule in the Golf is 12months/ 15,000kms. I stuck by this with my A6 but the Golf is a turbo and i don't like the thought of leaving it so long between oil changes. I know this has came up before but who actually sticks by their service book? I had a minor service...
  15. jessV3

    First ugly audi?

    Ok I think everyone will agree with me when I say Audi have been on a roll for quiet a while now, building sexy cars but wtf have they done with the A7: Further more I dont see the point of the A7? Isnt that why they made an A5 4dr? whats next?? an A9 coupe :roll:
  16. jessV3

    Iphone 4 or Android

    Ok im sick of my crappy Nokia E-series and will probably get a new phone in the next few months, which is better the new iphone 4 or an Android phone (HTC Desire or Nexus one). Let the geek talk begin... :big_wink:
  17. jessV3

    Pic of the night ?

    Ok.. what seems odd again.. :moon:
  18. jessV3

    Need ideas for next car!

    I think you've been miss informed jack, the slower more bigger forrie came out in 08. Dads 07 model is actually the fastest forester ever made, having the identical engine specs to the wrx of the same year. Its this shape: http://liveimages.redbook.com.au/redbook/car/spec/SUBA0618.jpg Its 0-100...
  19. jessV3

    "RAVEN" - Black C5 S6

    Spotted you mate, down pacific hwy in pymble on Saturday, looking nice and clean... I was in the g/f's DC5 Integra :oops:
  20. jessV3

    WTB B5 A4 Parts: bumper, lights etc.

    A friend of mine had a little bingle in his B5 A4, we need the following parts: Front Bumper Drivers side head light Drivers side Indicator (The large one connected to the head light) Drivers side front guard/ fender His model is the first series (95-99) but we will take...