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    FS: Audi TT Mk1 3.2 Manual Roadster

    Selling my 3.2 manual convertible Mk1 TT - the most iconic shape of all the TT's Carsales link - https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/audi-tt-2001/sse-ad-6569338/ Quick rundown: apart from the usual Roadster specs (yes the roof and wind deflector works perfectly!) baseball leather, heated...
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    TT mk2 Facebook Group

    If you’re an owner of a 2nd gen TT then head over and join https://www.facebook.com/groups/296879224304160/?ref=share The group is still small but the mods come from a good technical background. Join up for anything Mk2 related be it OEM fixes, parts, upgrades to aftermarket mods and beyond.
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    And it’s done Another RS4 cluster bought into modern times with added functionality.
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    Done with green plug wiring
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    Hey all Just thought i'd update this thread and that i've done several S3 clusters, couple Golf/Bora and working on an RS4 one which is in mid mod. And a bora cluster (with R32 face) The next group buy is open for anyone who is keen and i'm taking names down for who is interested. Details...
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    1.8t gtx2871r dual ceramic BB metal cage turbo kit

    I've decided to go down a different route hence the sale. Kit will fit all transverse 1.8t - Audi S3/A3 8L, VW Golf mk4 GTI, Polo 9n3 In short the kit includes: - GTX2871r dual ceramic ball bearing turbo with metal cages (mamba compressor cover) - Bar-Tek 1.8t T25 transverse semi-equal top...
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    Real-time data display using DIS screen

    sorry Kerry i didn't see your post (don't check this forum often). it's an aftermarket unit sourced from Russia. It required heavy modifying of the cluster but you get SO much information in it you basically have VCDS in your dash. minus the coding. can go through all the measuring blocks and...
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    the stock is here! arrived at the door this morning. talk about clunky uploading interface :( All involved please contact me via PM to organize shipping to your door. Anyone else who would be keen to get in on this mod please reply in this thread and i will compile another list as the...
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    finally.... i don't understand how to display these pics as full size... sorry :/ basically they have sent them!!!! woooooo!
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    Looks like they are now updating their page by marking whose units have been dispatched. Hang tight people and thanks for being patient with this. I did mention it's not a quick process :P So i'm not failing to disappoint there! LOOOOOLLLLLLLLL
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    Hi all inlolved - just a quick update on the situation (since it's almost been a month) - as of the 18.04.17 colormfa has supplied these photos on their forum As of yesterday i posted They have supposedly started shipping day by day so i am hoping that any day now that I get notification...
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    Payment Sent Just an update: All funds for the GB have been sent through to Russia cozmic - please refer to your PM Thank you everyone and once they arrive I shall get back in touch re: delivery details Ian
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    Audi TT 8N Australia facebook group

    Hi everyone. If you or anyone you know has a Mk1 TT (1.8t, 3.2, FWD or AWD) come check out the facebook group "Audi TT 8N Australia". Purely just for the lovers of this classic sports coupe/roadster. It is just a place to chat, share photos, ideas, mods and more in a like minded forum. Click...
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    This is the current list - if the two at the bottom cannot be done it leaves 3 - if not then only 1. Then the GB closes.
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    Cluster upgrade - ColourMFA

    UPDATE 9/AUG/17 - Next group buy scheduled to be at end of August. To register interest please follow link to https://www.facebook.com/Audi-FIS-Cluster-Care-1659279964367026/ and send a message to me. - Ian...
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    Forge DV relocation kit Audi TT, A3, Golf GTI 1.8t (FWD only)

    Hey guys, bought over from the UK but it totally doesn't fit my car because my throttle body inlet goes down the passenger side whereas this kit is for TB's that go down the driver's side(FWD cars). Forge link Diverter Valve Relocation Kit for Audi, VW, SEAT, and Skoda 1.8T 150/180 HP "By...
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    Mini Meet and cruise

    Hey guys just thought i'd chuck some pics up from today's little S3 cruise up Mt. Dandenong Look forward to joining an OzAudi cruise soon tho!
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    gecko coilovers

    Anyone heard of these? Looks to be a good price for adjustable (i would be looking for Mk1 S3 (or TT) however these don't come with camber tops :thumbs_dn: - later models may do) Gecko Coilovers Audi S3 4WD 50mm Legs G Street | eBay https://www.facebook.com/GeckoCoiloversAustralia Anyone have...
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    Calling all S3 8L owners

    Hey people! Thought it'd be a good idea to gather the troops throughout the country. I've noticed there is a huge owner base of these cars over in the UK with plenty of information on several websites and forums - however there don't seem to be many of us in Australia... i don't believe that...
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    FS:Melb 4 X genuine Ronal AVUS 17 / 7.5 / ET32 PCD 5X100 CB 57.1 8L9601025

    Hey all, as the title states i've got these rims up for sale - all in very good condition but i'll let the pics do the talking. tyres on 3 are pretty good, 2x zetums, 1x bridgestone, 1x dunlop (this one is the most worn as you will see in the dropbox pics). Structurally in excellent condition...