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  1. Alister

    RS3 8Y Ordering and Spec

    Congrats Frankster - must be a great feeling to have finally taken delivery. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the car once you've had some proper time in the driver's seat.
  2. Alister

    Best way to get vcds?

    I recommend you buy it either direct from Ross Tech or via one of their Australian distributors/resellers. There is a lot of fakes out there so best to buy through the official channels.
  3. Alister

    B8 RS4 Cracked Rim

    Not sure what state you are based in, but in some it is illegal to repair cracked wheels.
  4. Alister

    How many v10 R8 manuals in Australia? [emoji882]

    If you want numbers for R8s delivered to Australia (through the official channels at least) then your best bet is to ask Audi Australia, not a dealer. They should be able to provide the split by year and V8 vs V10, possibly even manual vs R/S tronic.
  5. Alister

    Someone put a nail trap at my car

    Lucky you spotted it before driving over the nails. There is some sh!t people out there, that's for sure. Probably just jealous of your new RS3.
  6. Alister

    RS3 8Y Ordering and Spec

    Probably a week or two after you take delivery Frankster (that'd be my luck if I was in your shoes!). :)
  7. Alister

    Returning to Audi

    Welcome back Phorte and long time no see. I highly recommend the B&O sound system in the C7.5 RS6 - one of the must have options IMO. The exterior carbon pack is also a nice to have - rear diffuser in particular is massive. Soft close doors are also a nice to have (once you have them you...
  8. Alister

    Sticky: Random chat thread

    Very reasonable for a Lambo part. You'd happily pay that for an OE oil filter on a mainstream car, let alone an exotic.
  9. Alister

    Coding retro fitted Towbar

    What model and year are you referring to? Once you've fitted up the towing electronics module everything can be coded up properly.
  10. Alister

    RS3 8Y Modifications

    $20k for a tune?? That's crazy.
  11. Alister

    Mk1 TT lights upgrade

    Nice - love the designs on most of the modern Astons. Got their own style with a glorious engine note to match. If it's got factory xenons it should have the headlight washers in the front bar. That's usually the easiest way to pick it. Sounds like a good example with all the main...
  12. Alister

    Sticky: Random chat thread

    Nice one Muckman. They're a good little package and a hoot to drive. I hired one back in 2011 to do laps of the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Sufficient power in stock form, nice sharp handling and a properly decent driver's car. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for it.
  13. Alister

    Mk1 TT lights upgrade

    Long time no see Graze. Does your TT have the halogen or HID/xenon lights?
  14. Alister

    Q7 (4L) won’t start

    Out of interest, have you confirmed if the battery (which I'm assuming is aftermarket not original) at least meets the OEM battery specs? Modern cars with battery management systems can be very finnicky with batteries and this is something I'd be checking first, if not already done of course.
  15. Alister

    Brand New S3 Noobie

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new car (looks great!). (y)
  16. Alister

    Sticky: Random chat thread

    Love the contrasts in this thread - page 27 of the thread so far has Muckman with the engine bay of his Lambo in bits about to pull the gearbox, and Stu replacing a set of floor mats. :LOL: That's why they call it Random Chat I suppose!
  17. Alister

    Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust For Sale

    Please update the post with your location Lucifer.
  18. Alister

    WTB: B7 RS4 Wingbacks

    Can't recall seeing a set come up on the forum since I last sold an extra set that I had 12 years ago! :) https://www.ozaudi.com/forums/index.php?threads/fs-genuine-b7-rs4-bucket-seats.36926/
  19. Alister

    Plastic Welding - Job well done!

    Agreed - New Life Vinyl and Leather are very good. I've used them before (many years ago) for some plastic trim refinishing and they do great work. Prices are not too unreasonable either.