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  1. Demiliam

    Anyone with a Service Manual for a 2015 RS5?

    Was having a poke around 2015 Audi A5 service manual - OEM Factory Repair Manual (factory-manuals.com) and wondered if anyone already had this and was willing to share?
  2. Demiliam

    Recall notice on the oil strainer issue impacting 2012 - 2017 A7, S7, RS7s

    I've stumbled across the below recall notice for Australian customers. https://www.vehiclerecalls.gov.au/recalls/rec-005488 NB: if you claim this, might be worth checking engine mounts, timing chain and the other engine out items. USA customers go this recall last year so it's overdue. For...
  3. Demiliam

    B8 RS5 Tune options - ?JHM

    Hey folks I'm interested in the JHM tune on a 2015 RS5. Anyone here found a local supplier and/or have the JHM Power Connect Cable needed to perform the flash. Link below to JHM tune: Stage 1: Audi JHM Tuning for B8-RS5 w 4.2L FSI (32v5 (jhmotorsports.com) Stage 2: Audi JHM ECU TCU Tuning...
  4. Demiliam

    Auto lift tweeters from AliExpress

    Hey forum folks AliExpress has a pair of tweeters that raise out of the dash here. They're absolutely NOT OEM but seem to match the Bang & Olufsen options for the RS7. Pretty nifty but a $20k option from factory :beat: Wondering if anyone has advice on install, quality, other. Is it just a...
  5. Demiliam

    S7 and RS7 owners on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane?

    Hey I'm new to the '7' range so am putting it out there that I'm keen to meet up and swap stories. Send me a PM if you're keen. Cheers
  6. Demiliam

    'Filled for life' transmissions

    Interested in what folk know/think about the 'Filled for Life' approach Audi have for some of their transmissions. E.g. I have a C7.5 RS7 which I think has a ZF 8 speed transmission but I think the tiptronics have this too. I've asked Audi a couple of times what exactly 'filled for life'...
  7. Demiliam

    My experience with door 'puddle' entry lights

    Hi members Posting my experience with non-AUDI door lights for those that are interested. LEDs that throw images, text etc are compatible with any models with an existing light panel on the bottom of the door card trim. It's an easy pop out and pop in change. Just be mindful that the power...
  8. Demiliam

    Anyone recommend a high quality Audi mechanic in Melbourne?

    Heya. Few of you may already have seen I'm looking to get back into an Audi and I'm looking for recommendations for a pre-purchase inspection as I'll probably be buying sight-unseen. Looking at B8.5 RS5s and RS7's in case that's relevant. Search so far returned: - www.volksaffair.com.au -...
  9. Demiliam

    Anyone know this S7 for sale?

    Hey legends, Anyone know this car and vouch it's OK? 2012 Audi S7 Auto quattro MY13 (carsales.com.au) Cheers!
  10. Demiliam

    Engine mods for 2017+ S5

    Morning Brains Trust I'm back in the market for a S5 Sportback and wondering what engine upgrades are out there for the B9 (2017-2019) or B9.5 (2019+)**. ** Not sure if the updated B9 is ACTUALLY a B9.5 but I called it out in case they have different engines. I've read on here that chipping...
  11. Demiliam

    ADV.1 wheels for sale. Fits A5, S5, RS5

    Hi everyone. I'm selling my genuine ADV.1 wheels. Were on my S5 which has the RS5 front brake kit. Specs are: 3 piece forged wheels in the ADV.5 range. Fronts are 20x9 and fit 255/30/20. Rears are 20x10 and fit 305/25/20. They come with rubber on. Fronts are Continental ContiSportContact...
  12. Demiliam

    Mods and insurance

    Hey gang. For those of you with mod'd cars I was wondering what you do with insurance and registration requirements. By mods I'm talking brakes, engine etc. Not valve caps... There is always an insurer out there who will cover your car, mods and all. Some will incorporate the costs of these in...
  13. Demiliam

    Maybe worth a look? ;)

    Read and enjoy Spray on Mudâ„¢ now available to urban four-wheel-drive owners | The Betoota Advocate
  14. Demiliam

    All things wheels

    Apologies, this has been a long time coming. There were dramas with the postal service but I finally received all the wheels in November last year. Quick recap: anyone interested in RS5-style rotors on an S5... the OEM 19" (available as an option) of course fit but lack the concavity of the...
  15. Demiliam

    Rear carbon fiber valence for A5/S5

    Hi all. I'm selling the carbon fiber rear valence off my S5. It's designed for B8 2008-2011 S5's but will fit A5s with a quad exhaust as well. The silver splitter lip is OEM and transferable off your current rear bumper. It's a EuroGear part you can see by following the link provided: Audi S5...
  16. Demiliam

    Rear bumper/valence thoughts

    Hi gang. Parts finally arrived and now they're fitted. Eurogear could improve their payment system but I can't fault the quality of their product- clicked in like it was OEM. Very happy with the result. Incidentally I'm now selling the previous carbon fiber valence. Pass the word or PM me!
  17. Demiliam

    Adaptive headlight failure after 2013 facelift

    Hello wiser-folk-than-I, Some of you might be familiar with the car I have that, as well as a bunch of other mods, has had the entire front end updated from the 2010 style to the 2013. My problem is that the 'Adaptive headlight failure' code alarms when I start the car and flashes when driving...
  18. Demiliam

    Rear bumper/valence thoughts

    Hi all. What are your thoughts on these rear valences for an S5?
  19. Demiliam

    All things wheels

    Yeh I did for a couple of reasons: New they would fit around the RS5 brakes and I love the look. They ALWAYS catch my eye when I see them driving around. I don't have any scales but the gross weight on the box it was shipped in is 17kg. Minus the box I guess about 15-16kg per wheel. The guy I...
  20. Demiliam

    Black RS5 in downtown Batemans Bay!

    Very shiny looking RS5, plates BSD*** parked in the Bay today. Not sure whats going on because Tuesday saw a white pre-facelift RS5 and Wednesday a white R8...