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    Buying Guide

    K. Thanks.
  2. M

    Buying Guide

    Hi there, just looking at buying a b8 s4 just wondering what to look out for? i came from a 80 then a b5 a4 now looking at the s4? thinking about buying stock? thanks.
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    For sale 80 and 90 Quattros for sale?

    Any 80 or 90 Quattros for sale?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Audi 80 Wreckers???

    Hi, i have a 1993 Audi 80 2.3E and just got rear ended at low speed and the driver who hit me and took off. i have no insurance and am looking for parts. i need panel beater but i wanted to supply my own parts. i live in brisbane. does anyone know of a good wrecker for old Audis? i need a...
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    Intermittent Oil Pressure Light comes on 1993 80 2.3E

    Hi there, i bought a 1993 Audi 80 2.3E FWD about 18 months ago and it has about 235000km on the clock and a couple of days ago i got an audible alarm and a light on the dash saying that according to the manual i have an oil pressure problem and to stop the car and check the oil level, which I...
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    80 wheels.

    Hi there, recently bought an 80. And want to upgrade the rims. Can anyone ID these:
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    B6 1.8T Quattro Exhaust.

    Hello.Im about to get a B6 1.8T Quattro (coming from a 90 2.3E) and am doing some research on exhausts upgrade options? I read in the exhaust section that someone has a B5 with a full system and loves it.Sounds fun. I emailed Brisbane Exhaust asking for a full system and they said that there in...
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    Should i buy an 80,90 or 100?

    HI Guys, Just after some friendly advice. I will soon be in the market for a new car for me and was thinking an 80, 90 or 100 (budget 5000AUD). I have owned a 90 2.3E 10V Fwd and loved it to pieces. But now i was want to upgrade to a quattro. I know the 100 is but prefer think look of the...
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    Audi RS5 drive.

    Hello, I just went for a test drive in a RS5. It was sick. I could listen to that noise all day.
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    1994 Audi C4 S4 (Thinking about buying one)

    Hello All, I used to own an 1991 Audi 90 2.3E but crashed it into a tree in the wet and now am thinking about getting a 1994 Audi C4 S4 and was wondering if anyone here has one and what they think of it? I've heard rave reviews elsewhere. Thanks.:-D
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    clear indicator lenses.

    Hey does anyone know where you can get clear indicator lenses for the front and side of an audi 90 2.3E and orange bulbs to suite, i want to swap mine out?
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    Stupid question about Vacuum Valves.

    I think i already know the answer to this but i thought i'd ask anyway. Both my mate and i had vacuum leak problems to which our respective workshops can not source the valves and hoses for so my mate said screw this and got some fish tank one way valves and vacuum hoses and replaced the faulty...
  13. M

    Why does my car only Rev to 5000 RPM?

    My 90 model 2.3 90 Fwd auto will only rev to 5K. does not matter if it is in sport or not, halfway/flat to the floor wont go any further. my mate has identical bulit but his goes to 6K? whats going on? :beat:
  14. M

    91 90 2.3 timing belt??

    hello everyone. i had a previously problem with my car intermittently cutting out / not starting which turned out to be the hall sender. all is well now, i have a concern i'll express in a minute but the reason for this post is re: the timing belt. my dad has repeatedly expressed the importance...
  15. M

    '90 90 2.3 ignition coil??

    hi everybody, (hi doctor nick) dose this sound familiar to anyone? i've been having a problem with my car where it cuts out intermittenly. that is the tacho and speedo instantly drop to zero in sync with the engine cutting out and the top two red lights (for give my ignorance) on the dash flash...
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    My '91 90 problems?

    Hi everybody, i have a few of problems with my car (hopfully all related?) and was just wondering if anyone has had the same? i had any unrealted problem is the past that was fixed quite promtly with the help of one nice gentleman but i don't remember who that was (some time ago now)...
  17. M

    my new 90 with problems.

    a-hoy-hoy, :mrgreen: nice to be aboard, was introduced to this by a mates brother and started reading some posts and was intreeged. i didn't realise that there was that many of us out there? i recently puchaced a white '90 91 2.3E sports with 145000kms that came from 1 owner who happened to be...