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    B5 RS4 Turbos and C5 RS6 turbos for sale

    Cool, will still be interested, no hurry. PM me when you drop your motor etc and we can go from there
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    B5 RS4 Turbos and C5 RS6 turbos for sale

    Follow up/additional PM sent... if you see this could you please reply to my initial message/inquiry from 5th October
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    For sale: Audi a4 b6 1.8t high-flow cat/through-pipe (fits b5 also)

    Selling a through-pipe which is 2.5 inch all the way through, manufactured with a dual outer casing/shell.. looks exactly like the stock cat: http://www.ozaudi.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=27330&d=1491981941 $280 Pickup from Melbourne (near Chadstone) or can post at buyers cost
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    For Sale - 4 x ‘2017 release’ Continental Contact Sport 6 tyres – R01 spec (rs4 etc)

    Listing these on behalf of a 3rd party not on these forums and hopefully should be ideal for someone looking for new tyres… 4 x ‘2017 release’ Continental Contact Sport 6 tyres, size 245 35 19. These are not the regular Contact Sport 6 tyres but specifically the “R01” high performance version...
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    C7 RS6 owners - exhaust question...

    Hi, Could somebody who has an Audi RS6 (c7) please let me know the dimensions of the exhaust tips i.e. exact width and height from outer edges of the actual metal exhaust tip element (as looking directly from behind the car)? Any help with this would be immensely appreciated Thank you in...
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    FOR SALE - KW V1s for B6/B7 a4/s4

    FOR SALE - KW V1s for A4/S4 B6/B7 Hi everyone, As the title states, my KW V1 coilovers are now for sale. They are in excellent condition. Haven't been on the car too long, only installed brand new last year. Nothing wrong with them whatsoever, just went to a different setup. Please let me...
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    E.O.I - For Sale Maybe - KW V1s for a4 B6/B7

    Hi everyone, Im contemplating pulling the KW V1s from my car and wanting to see prior to making any decisions and pulling them out, if anyone would be interested in these? Haven't been on the car too long, only installed brand new last year. Nothing wrong with them whatsoever, just thinking...
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    WTB - B5 S4 manual radiator

    As stated, if anyone has one of these and are happy to sell it then please let me know. Willing to pay shipping if interstate. cheers Matt
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    FS - 2 x a4 b8 DRL Ballasts, 1 x a6 c7 bi-xenon control Ballast

    Hi guys, am selling a few headlight control ballasts. Click on the links for full info and Photos: 2 x A4 B8 bi-xenon DRL control modules... these are needed when upgrading to the bi-xenon with integrated LED DRLs units. asking $120 each or $220 for both - Negotiable AUDI A4/S4 B8 HEADLIGHT...
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    FS - Random b5 a4 parts

    Hi guys, got a few random parts for sale. Click on the links for full info and Photos: B5 1.8t FWD sports suspension full set (2x stock, 2x Koni) - $200 Neg. AUDI A4 B5 1.8t FWD SPORTS SUSPENSION SET | Brakes & Suspension | Gumtree Australia Monash Area - Ashwood | 1112142269 B5 a4 stock rear...
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    Need help with s4 part information...

    Hi guys, I need to find the definitive answer to something... have searched and cant find 100% conclusive information... Are the REAR brake Calipers/carriers and rear discs on a b6 s4 Cabrio exactly the same size and specification (and potentially the same parts) as on the b6 s4 sedan? If...
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    FS - Audi A4 B5 “Hamiltons Motorsport” Edition, Manual 1.8 litre Turbo

    SOLD. Thanks for looking, cheers
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    FS - 4 x Nitto Invo 235 35 19 - practically new, not even 10km on them

    Hi guys, I'm selling 4 x Nitto Invo tyres, size 235 35 19. These were on the car literally from the tyre shop to home then back to the tyre shop the next morning... I wasnt happy with the look of the profile and tyre width on the wheels so I bought exactly the same type of tyres (Nitto Invo)...
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    BRAND NEW - Audi B6 S4 Lower Grill - Original OEM Part

    Hi guys, I'm selling a brand new original OEM B6 S4 lower grill. Was purchased from Audi dealer for over $300 with the intention of using it in a custom project but I never ended up needing it and as such this has never been installed on any car (I dont own an s4) or used for anything at all...
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    Sharing some (finally!) completed modding...

    Hi guys! After absolutely ages and lots of work I have finally finished what I guess I would call a/could best be described as a ‘Franken-4’ front end modification (bumper, bonnet and lights are all custom) to my b5 a4 and wanted to share what I ended up with.. any thoughts welcome! Some pics..
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    Quick technical question...

    Hi guys, I would like to find out... On the factory-fitted OEM bi-xenons (with LED DRLs) for the A4 B8, what is the exact colour warmth/light rating (4300K, 5000K, 6000K etc etc) for low beam? If anybody out there knows this info accurately and possibly confirmed, it would be hugely...
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    Help please! What part is this? ..B5 A4 1.8T

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone knowledgeable is able to help out with this.. I'm contemplating a mod and need to know what this part is for i.e. what is its purpose, what fluid is in it.. oil, coolant, a/c? It sits directly behind the horns (as pictured) and is a metal cylindrical shape in a...
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    another ..err fine b5 example

    It looks like something they would give the death star employees as company cars.. :oops:
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    FS - A4 b5 1.8t Catalytic Converter with no internals - gutted

    Hi guys, selling my old cat converter that used to be on the car. It is the OEM stock cat converter but totally gutted. Has standard mount for sensor and didnt throw any error codes as far as i know. Not sure what they fetch so any help would be appreciated, or offers etc. Cheers