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  1. Tas_Audi

    Battery Replacement

    So after 12 years the battery died in my wife's A4. It came as a complete surprise, but no complaints it did a good job. Bought another Varta, managed to get the same Ah capacity with a slightly higher CCA. Changed the serial number in the battery management, reset all of the fault codes and all...
  2. Tas_Audi

    Silver CoupeQ

    This will be an interesting project. looking forward to seeing the results.
  3. Tas_Audi

    Hunting s/c b7 rs4 drivers

    If done properly no issues but with high kms a little respect would be needed. I'm running Sachs clutch, lightened flywheel, hi flo cats and a slightly smaller diameter SC pulley plus tune. All this was done to the car when I bought it back in 2012 and I have had no issues, mind you I only have...
  4. Tas_Audi

    Swapping Out Comfort Control and Body Control Modules Info and Help Please

    Have a look on Audizine, there are a couple of posts there. One issue was a missing fuse to the CCM.
  5. Tas_Audi

    Swapping Out Comfort Control and Body Control Modules Info and Help Please

    I'm in Devonport with a VCDS. You just need to get here.
  6. Tas_Audi

    B7 Rs4 19’s

  7. Tas_Audi

    Replaced Steering Wheel - Paddles Not Shifting

    Maybe likely you will need to reset the fault code with a VCDS if you have access to one. Has happened to me in the past. The other thing could be wiring in the connector that connects to the clockspring. Only guessing!
  8. Tas_Audi

    27-08-2023: ozAudi Upgraded - I've finally done it!!

    Nice job. DB conversions can sometimes have unexpected consequences, all looks good atm.
  9. Tas_Audi

    FS: B5RS4 Rear Brakes

    For sale B5RS4 complete rear brake set, Rear disks, 21.8 mm thick. Minimum thickness 20.4mm, so plenty of meat left. Newly powder coated backing plates. Calipers with stainless braided lines. Red stuff pads. All mounting bolts clips etc. $750 plus freight
  10. Tas_Audi

    Quattro Mega Test

    Found this on the Classic Audi site enjoy. https://youtu.be/7W61TdoyqTY
  11. Tas_Audi

    610HP Quattro 80

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yzxj8Vw7ds This is worth a look, I loved it.
  12. Tas_Audi

    Audi Tradition Shop

    I needed a new oil temperature sender for the WR and the only place that had one was the Audi Tradition shop. We were never able to buy from there previously, so I never bothered looking to buy from there. To my surprise the site now accepts our credit cards, how long has this been the case. I...
  13. Tas_Audi

    Ur Voice Synthesizer

    The Voice Synthesizer in my Ur has never worked since I owned it. I removed the centre console recently to tidy up wiring loose ends that have accumulated over the years along with replacing the rear and centre diff lock indicators with LED indicators. While the console was out I unplugged the...
  14. Tas_Audi

    Replacing B5S4 Headlining

    Headlining is complete and back in the car. Best of all no spare screws or clips left haha. No issues in applying the fabric, it would be handy to have 4 arms at times just to make life a little easier. The adhesive I used has a high tack so once it sticks to the fabric its stuck, difficult to...
  15. Tas_Audi

    Replacing B5S4 Headlining

    So I spent all day Saturday removing the old adhesive. I ended up using Diggers Glue Rid. It worked really well, paint it on leave for 5 minutes then I used a sharp 50mm wood chisel and back scrapped off the glue, a smaller chisel for the grab handles area. Stubborn parts needed 2 to 3 attempts...
  16. Tas_Audi

    Replacing B5S4 Headlining

    So it was time to replace the headlining in the S4, a job I have been putting off for a while. Read a few posts, for Sedan not Avant as mine is, on how to do it, looked easy enough. Well I quickly found out to remove the trim pieces around the D Pillar on the Avant you need to remove the back...
  17. Tas_Audi

    FS RossTech Hex-Usb+CAN

    I have my Ross Tech Hex-USB+CAN VCDS up for sale. $250 + postage. PM if interested. I upgraded to a Ross Tech Hex-Net.
  18. Tas_Audi

    What did you do in your garage today?

    The stop light board cost $25 for 10 boards including freight. It is not worth considering making boards any other way. Even small boards I use the same process. Parts are generally cheap and the EasyEda app is setup so you can order parts online as it generates a BOM as you put together the...
  19. Tas_Audi

    What did you do in your garage today?

    When I stripped the interior of the 90Q I took out the the back window high set stoplight. One wet Saturday I decided to get rid of the old lamps and made up up new PCB with high intensity white LEDs. The assembled PCB with the LEDs worked out really well. Just need to finish the rest of the car...
  20. Tas_Audi

    B5S4 Roof Lining

    My roof lining has dropped its bundle. I have tried to source lining the same or similar colour to what I have. It's not black. I know guys have had lining replaced, I just need to but the fabric. Any recommendations as to who may be able to supply?