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  1. momento1

    EOI : Kingfisher Blue S2 coupe

    Relax relax.... im not even sure i will sell it. this is just an expression of interest if there is genuine enthusiast which would be interested in my coupe. Life situation has altered slightly, just recently and i am open to selling it to the right person. Otherwise i park it until this all...
  2. momento1

    WTB: Sprint Blue RS4 B7

    Gents, im in the market for another project car / track car which wont remain stock :secret:. Im very particular about my cars so willing to pay the right money (cash too, not finance) for the perfect example. I have been to see a few and honestly it is quite disgusting the condition some...
  3. momento1

    EOI 90 quattro project car

  4. momento1

    Water/Meth Injection

    what kits are you guys using these days? And where did you source the kit? And where are you sourcing your meth? (NOTE: Not the glass bbq type!) Pros Cons of the kits your using
  5. momento1

    Race Seat Installation in Sydney?

    hi Gents, can anyone recommend somewhere in Sydney that specialise in seats and potentially race seats installations? my front seats have a bit of movement in them and at the last CAMS event they said that i really need to sort it otherwise they could potentially knock it back. They deemed it...
  6. momento1

    B5 RS4 Stage 3 build

    just my 2 cents, but if you want to push 500hp+ out of her, i would suggest slightly larger cat back. I dont think the stock system would be doing any favours. By all means keep 2 mufflers (twin entry and exit after market type) and the stock rear tips, but i would at least continue the twin...
  7. momento1

    The New SQ5 has Arrived!!!!

    i know of some other vehicles that do that also
  8. momento1

    PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

    so i tried my luck again last night at the Off street drags. Tried to launch but just spinning all fours in 1st and 2nd. Best i managed was a 12 sec (again not too good) but increased to 133MPH so its definitely got a 10 sec pass somewhere in her, just need to hook up. Time for some tyres i...
  9. momento1

    2016 Snowy Mountains 1000

    whos going? im running this year.. :mrgreen: ive got plenty of work to do to get the car finished by then... Getting excited!! :excited:
  10. momento1

    S2 stock and performance parts

    Thought i would offer these up for sale here first as i am getting plenty of interest in Europe for the performance bits but easier to ship local as first preference Garrett GT3071r turbo with 0.63 kflange type rear housing with black thermal coating (only done approx 3,000km. As new condition)...
  11. momento1

    PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

    Ok bit of a hiccup.. i will have to look at going to a higher mount exhaust manifold as the RS wagner manifold im using already had tight clearance issues with the GT3071 turbo... now jumping up a turbo size i definately will not have enough room. A good option would be a sport quattro EVO from...
  12. momento1

    PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

    its taken a while... but... Let the fun begin!
  13. momento1

    PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

    unfortunately still nothing further to update..... just driving around here and there... probably let the festive season pass and may look at end of Jan to start the tear down.... In other news i emptied the catch can yesterday to a nasty scene... approx 300ml of oil gunk/crap and watery E85...
  14. momento1

    Oil catch tank

    Yeah they are still around kermac here is a link the one im using S3 Oil Catch Can They custom make each one (so no off the shelf unfortunately) they let you decide how you are going to mount it and then you can tell the at which position you want the inlet and outlets facing and then what...
  15. momento1

    Oil catch tank

    in all my history of modding cars, i have always been a firm believer of catch can setups. But i always prefer to put catch cans in line with the standard vent systems and never chose to dump to atmosphere. But it is important that you use a proper baffle designed catch can to catch and condense...
  16. momento1

    Are there any widebody sedan B5 S4's in Aus?

    i started to go down that path with my S4.... sadly after doing figures and a lot of homework/searching i came to approx $18k done complete and properly See below my inspiration for when i was building my noggy S4 Instead i tracked down a second hand RS4 front bumper, heated and molded it to...
  17. momento1

    PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

    finally the last piece of the puzzle has arrived!!! the machinest ended up making a mistake and ive now ended up with 9.8:1 comp.. No big deal as its still suits my needs Waiting until the warmer weather really sets in before stripping her down. Let the games begin!!
  18. momento1

    New addition to the Audi Family - Panther Black SQ5

    I have to say that this purchase, apart from the S2, has been the BEST purchase i have ever made with an Audi Panther Black Crystal Effect paint Red/Black two tone leather interior B & O sound Drive Select Heated Seats It is an absolute dream to drive and the torque is just epic. And that...
  19. momento1

    PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

    So another package arrived today. Another is stuck in customs still all the delrin stiffer engine mounts, tranny mounts, diff mount and strut mounts. Also new oil pump and slave cylinder and most importantly the custom laser cut 10mm main stud girdle to complete the bullet proof bottom end...
  20. momento1

    The Longest Build Ever - B6 1.8T

    as in twin pumps? i dont reckon you will need it... not with the flow capabilities of just 1 of the Walbro. However i could be wrong as im not sure exactly what power you are aiming for.... 8) currently my single in-tank 044 keeps up with my setup on E85 at present. But i think it will max out...