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    WTB: Adjustable control arms b5

    Got a buggered ball joint front left, so maybe it’s time I went all out. Anyone got a set of 034’s or similar? Also any help with alignment techniques appreciated. Running coil overs. Ross Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bbs rx 18x8 5x et22

    ITEM: 5X BBS RX 18X8 WHEELS OFFSET ET22 5X112 LOCATION: HOBART TASMANIA CONDITION: great condition, one has a light rash, the other 4 are looking great. NOTES: Suits b5 stock fitment w/ sport springs very nicely for that oem+ look. Tires are 235/40/18 for fitment reference. Can include...
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    N75 1.8t nonsense - no start

    Hey guys, I discovered my car was running a bit rich, and down on power, so I started digging about in the bay for boost leaks or cracked vac lines. Sure enough, the pressure tap from the turbo cold side had failed in a big way. This is the pipe that powers the N75 and thus the WG. I...
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    Gumtree VW/Audi gold. DSG's V8's diff's etc etc

    Brand new audi v8 4.2 short motor rs q7 sline vw toaureg | Engine, Engine Parts & Transmission | Gumtree Australia Wollongong Area - Wollongong 2500 | 1101318070 Other Ads from George | Gumtree Australia The things you find browsing the interwebs....
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    B5 C4 CL pump

    Hello all. I'm experiencing interior light problems with my bus (2000 b5). I have been since I got it - but I thought I'd finally get around to attacking it once and for all (it's been raining a lot). From what I understand, the relays and dimmer circuits that control the cabin lights, and...
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    Tasmanian Enthusiasts FB group

    Hey guys, Just started a group for the Tasmanians to join. Hopefully we can organise some drives etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1695897460678454/ Ross
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    WTB: B5 Facelift drivers side headlight

    Need a B5 drivers headlight asap... Any condition, the milkier the better. I'm happy to refinish the plastic surface... Cheers
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    B6 clutch in B5 1.8TQ

    hello all. So the clutch has been touch and go for a few months now, think she's finally given up. Now, the engine is strong, 248k's on it and although I just did a heap of work on the car, I don't want to spend any more money for a while. I know the current DMFW is wrecked, it has to be...
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    rossgib's b5 fix and build

    Gave her a wash this afternoon. For someone always out with a camera I've never shot the Audi! Keen to see what people think of the results. I'm pretty happy :) PS still after front lower valance, and grilles.... edit* tempted to dial in some more lows...
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    B5 Parts, coil packs, control arms, end links, 18" wheels, + more

    first in best dressed! PM's please. Ross
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    front end knock on turn in -B5

    Hello all, Having a strange noise coming from the front end when I turn in aggressively. Got all brand new control arms, shocks, cv's, etc etc. Doesn't knock when driving along/over bumps or even around corners, only when the wheel first loads up. Any ideas? Ross
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    WTB: Hi-Flo Cat, twin tips, b5 lower grilles, m16 triple^2 sump plug tool

    Getting an exhaust fabbed, chasing a High Flow catalytic converter. 2.25" or larger, and single into twin tips. Also need some lower bumper grilles, the two foglight shrouds and the larger middle section. Going to purchase the triple square gearbox sump tool, unless i can find one here spare...
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    Supercheap part numbers

    Hello all. Browsing the Supercheap parts guide and looking at part numbers i have no idea what are. I assume if I check the right car boxes and engine code it's going to be the right ones? Ross
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    Wanted: B5 suspension components

    Hey guys, I'm on the look out for some springs and shocks to suit a4 b5 1.8T Quattro. Ideally H&R sport/race springs with koni/bilstein sport/heavy duty struts. I'm not particularly after coilovers but if they're going then I could be persuaded. For new prices I'm looking at around...
  15. R

    WTB: b5 power steering fluid cooler

    Want to buy the cooling pipe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1.8T B5 no start

    Hey Guys. So I've done some troubleshooting, but I'm not sure where to go next. The car has power, all systems turn on, however the engine won't start. The engine cranks, but doesn't fire. Not one bit. Two days ago I installed a giac chip (stage1), and experienced great results, I drove the...
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    1.8T AJL coil pack harness

    G'day all, I've got no trigger on a coil pack, I was just wondering if someone had a more detailed pin guide for the AJL ECU so i can bypass the harness, and replace it with a full new ignition system after this Christmas shenanigans is over... And yeah, I've been reading all them forums, I...
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    new ECS rear dif mount a4 b5

    Hey guys, I've been meaning to do an ECS order for a while now, but recently got a newsletter from them with the new rear dif mount. I'm going to get the snub mount, but it sounds like there's also a little lash-back in the rear dif (is this a thing?)? Do these flog out? Will the snub fix all...
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    Group B era cars in Austalia

    Chris Benny Imaging has a video of an S1 on his Facebook smashing some Bathurst, it's also been seen floating around down here in Hobart apparently. I assume it's something to do with the audi driving experience...? Lots of new quattro cars with numerical track stickers I've also seen, even...
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    Dealing with wreckers, how do you go about it?

    Hey guys! Hope you're all well. Been seeing some admirable builds out there, nice :clap: So I've been doing the rounds, calling and emailing wreckers for various parts. Some things on my list I know are going to hold their value pretty well, and others not so much. On my list of things to...