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    RS4 B7 sedan QLD

    after 2 superb years enjoying this car have decided to sell for family reasons (i get the pajero, she gets a hybrid!). I bought from sydney and was originally a melbourne car. its on car sales for $32k. recently in P&P for a fault light, replaced solenoid in inlet manifold, they pulled inlet...
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    I think the service guy went for a thrash in my car - RS4!

    I bought some Toyo tyres off tyresales and today had them fitted at the Brisbane Audi dealer in the valley. I waited 4 hours, finally the car (B7RS4) is ready. I get in turn on and the key and the oil temp is 95 deg. whilst sitting waiting at one point I heard the car drive out, 20mins later its...
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    original Audi wheels for sale (3) 19x8

    I bought these off eBay a few months back, were sold as RS4 B7 but they aren't. i can't tell what they are https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/302833162233 bidding from $1 brisbane
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    Rs4 b7 stereo upgrade pitfalls?

    Have standard unit but would like Bluetooth iPhone music output. Car has the aux cable but it’s inconvenient if I replace the head unit are there any pitfalls esp around maintaining dash display I don’t have the multifunctionasteering wheel havebt been to a shop yet but doubt they will know...
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    RS4 B7 wheels?!

    I just bought 3 wheels off eBay advertised as B7 RS4 wheels, only $200, I thought good to get cleaned up and painted as mine have a few scuffs. anyhow, arrived and are similar but not same! anyone tell me what they are? they are 19" and same patterns but subtle differences, particularly the...
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    WTB RS4 b7 grill

    previous owner or a mech leaning on it somehow near shattered the top of mine, looking for an original grill, don't need badges etc, matt aluminium surround. thanks ian (brisbane)
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    bought an RS4! but the headlights...!!

    I have had a few audis before, a b5 nogaro blue S4 avant and an 85 UR Quattro, now i have added a silver B7 RS4 manual sedan. flew down Brisbane to Sydney after having it checked out by an independent auto mech that was recommended on here. Has 140k, coil overs, recent carbon clean and otherwise...
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    WTB S4 b6-7 avant

    looking for Rs4 avant, b7 under 45k. prefer manual. ian 0422903432
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    b6s4 questions

    thinking about a b6s4 avant that I've not yet looked at as its interstate. have done some on line research but wanted more thoughts assuming its as well maintained as claimed, at 85000k, is the timing tensioner likely to become an issue, it seems to be about time for that to be a problem. and to...
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    should I buy it?!

    I know I am the only one who can answer this but Im interested in what people with UR restoration experience think. I originally owned this in 94-98 in NZ, its a 1983 non sun roof english conversion import to NZ. I sold it in 98 for nz$7700 (!!) and now have the option to buy it back (I'm in...
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    S4 B5 Avant Nogaro blue

    washed and pics, looks pretty!
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    S4 B5 Avant Nogaro blue

    selling my beautiful blue S4, black leather interior with graphite, factory stereo. all new discs and pads last year. New clutch about 5oookm ago with new DMF. new coil packs, new ignition modules, new cam belt, water pump tensioner and camshaft seals so no leaks i think! previous owner fitted...
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    s8 transmission failure (D2)

    I have a mate in NZ whose s8 transmission is close to death, his comments appear below. I know nothing about autos or S8s to be honest so can anyone suggest anything or where to chase a used box? many thanks ian I have a 2001 S8 D2 that is in beautiful condition. Unfortunately at 187,000km the...
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    s4 v6 cam locking tool - borrow please!

    HI a mate is going to do my belts cam seals etc and have ordered the kit from fcp but mistakenly got the one without the cam locking tool, would anyone have one they could lend me for a week please from 24th august? happy to pay. thanks ian
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    K03 or K04 upgrade, s4 b5?

    quick question I hope! i have to do cam seals, timing belt etc soon so at same time considering replacing turbo due to a subtle whirring/whistling. I can see KO3 from fcp for about us$850 ea or KO4 for another $400 ea. car has arp chip and non standard exhaust, wont see a track and gets driven...
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    s4 clutch failure

    b5s4, has been driving perfectly, yesterday got in, couldnt select a gear. there is no slippage, can get into gear with engine off and drive it but obviously the clutch is not doing its thing. there is no hydraulic fluid level change or puddle (presume its a liquid clutch not cable?), I think...
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    V cool little vid incl the ur, not what u might think!

    PAINTING COCONUTS | Reelhouse Featuring geeks ipads audis and slot cars!
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    oil viscosity (s4b5)

    i have searched this site and the web. No real answer so here goes. car has 150km on it, lives in brisbane, 35 deg regularly. gong to put mobil 1 in but 5w-30 or 5w50. i am wondering with slightly higher kms and high summer heat if the 50 is a better option. Have found discussion online re 40...
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    i think a coil pack just died! (b5s4)

    2001 B5 S4, drove to work fine, not happy on way home, whole car osscilates at idle subtly, but apply a gentle foot and the car sounds awful, judders wont pull, sounds like misfire. My guess is coil pack, I dont have any diagnostic stuff, week before xmas, all looking bad.... rang audi brisbane...
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    b5 cup holder

    Ive done a quick search and couldnt see an answer so... the cup holder in my s4 is sticky, hard to get out. pulled the fascia off and couldnt see how to remove (took the bolts out at each end and those in unit below above aircon), any hints?! am hoping a spray with some silicone after some warm...