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    Fuel Gauge always reading near zero

    Thanks jnrdavo. I have seen that thread in my hunt for the answer. I have some developments..... After checking the sensor resistances, I replaced the electrical connector and checked the fuel gaug. no worky..... I went back on the 'Net and saw this video: I thought, I hadn't inspected the...
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    Fuel Gauge always reading near zero

    I did a resistance check of the senders today. Tank was originally full and I syphoned about 35L out. Tank is supposed to be 80L. One sensor was 280 Ω and the other was 390 Ω. I looked for a fuse relating to the fuel gauge but only found one for the instrument cluster. ( it was good ) I checked...
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    Fuel Gauge always reading near zero

    I *did* replace the fuel tank Fuel Pump a few years ago and swapped the sender over to the new pump, and have not had any problems until now. Yes, I think I have 2 sensors, a fuel pump on one side, and possibly a 'balancing' ( for want of the right terminology ) pump. I have the impression...
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    Fuel Gauge always reading near zero

    Thanks. I'm collecting info and tools at the moment. WIll chase up parts if/when I find the problem.
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    Fuel Gauge always reading near zero

    OK, I'm going in.
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    Fuel Gauge always reading near zero

    2006 A6 C6 3.2L Quattro Sedan 175000km I replaced the fuel pump at 150000km. No problems with that since. A couple of days ago, I was near empty, so I filled up my tank. ( very full) When I restarted my car, the fuel gauge remained at the 'almost empty' level and the estimated range remained...
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    Car sometimes won't crank when key turned.

    I'm in SW of WA. Car is a C6. Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
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    Car sometimes won't crank when key turned.

    Thanks jnrdavo, I never even thought of the starter motor. That does seem a possibility. I just watch a vid on changing the starter.......geez......what a nightmare..... I don't think I will attempt it as I haven't got a hoist. It would be too hellish. Looks like I will have to get a garage to...
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    Car sometimes won't crank when key turned.

    2006 Audi A6 Sedan Quattro, 175 000 km. Hi Guys, I seems to have a problem that seems to be slowly getting worse..... Occasionally, when I turn the ingnition key on, The can will not crank. Dash lights ok. Battery fairly new ( genuine Audi ) No faults on dash. Can here a faint buzzing( fuel...
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    New Brake Calipers in Perth

    Anyone have a favourite spare parts supplier in Perth? I've emailed Lintrex to see what they come up with. I need 2 new Brake Calipers and don't feel like being violated by Audi..... Mechanic says one of mine is, worn out and 'flexing' when the park brake is applied and causing as squeak...
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    Dual Flip Down Accelerator Pedals

    Has anyone had these installed in their car? I am trying to work out how to do it to my car as I'm an Amputee and my wife wants to drive my car as well. I know some companys in the UK do a install for later models but not the C6 and they won't sell me a kit. I bought a another pedal box so I...
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    2006 C6 Park Brake Motor

    Hi Guys, My left rear Park Brake Motor is making a horrible squeal when operating. It works ok. I would like to removed it and see if I can get it apart and see whats going on. Maybe add some more lube?...dunno. Do they just unbolt and unplg? Can they be disassembled for maintenance? Are the...
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    Now I have fuel leaks....

    2006 A6 C6 Quattro Hi Guys, After getting the new fuel pump fitted, by a shop, I drove the car home and didn't use it for a week. When I went to use it, it wouldn't start. Fuel gauge was on zero, so I assumes the mechanic had dropped the tank to flush it. I put 10L in it and it started. Went...
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    Car just died on me

    2006 Audi A6 3.2, 150 000km, original fuel pump AFAIK. Was driving home yesterday, with cruise control on at 80 km/h and the car just died and the EPC light came up. Motor will crank and sort of fire but won't keep going. I got it towed home ( thankful only about 4 km away ) and busted out the...
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    Front Splash Guards

    I have managed to rip both of these off my 2006 A6 ( at different times ).......Don't ask.....They are located at on the front side of both fromt wheels. When doing so, I have managed to loose most of the fasteners. There appears to be at least two different types used to hold them on....not...
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    SRI on 2006 A6

    I want to set the service interval on my car to 15 000 km. I've had a play around on VCDS, but it does not seem obvious to me.... I've done some searches on the Ross Tech site, but it does not seem to specifically deal with setting a figure, just resetting it. Anybody know definitive how to do...
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    Funny story- not Audi related

    A mate wanted to buy a new car. He went to the Audi dealer in Perth, saw the prices and walked out....lol So off he goes to the Lexus dealer. Wanted to take one for a test drive. Went with a young female salesperson for a drive in the back streets. A car stopped in front of them ( for some...
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    Audi RNS-E V19 2013 Australia Navigation DVD

    SOLD pending payment. I bought this last week, by mistake. So my loss is your gain. $175 ,its yours and I'll pay for to post it to you, Australia wide. Bargain..... will fit all RNS-E units on the market A3 A4 A6 R8 TT Audi Part # 8P0 060 884 BL Bank transfer or pay pal ok. PM me if you...
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    A6 C6 Drivers side rear door won't unlock (sometimes )

    I replaced the passenger side rear door lock today. All fixed. All up it cost me about $300 for both locks off Ebay, where the dealer wanted to charge me about $1500. I pulled one of the old locks apart to see how it was setup. In hindsight, it looks like most of the problem is the fact that...
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    C6 Park Brake Noise

    Even since I've owned the A6 ( 2 years ), the park brake has made strange noises when engaging and dis-engaging. I've just had a service and mentioned this to them and they seem to think that its normal. ( they are not an Audi Service department. ) Do these park brakes normally make noises that...