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    WTB B5 factory jack

    Car fell off my jack today and bent it up pretty bad. Anyone got a b5 jack they can sell me? I'm in Adelaide at the moment but will be in Melbourne after Christmas. Cheers, Drewe Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Engine Hoist

    Anyone in need of an engine hoist? Comes with a load leveler. Slick bit of kit, only used a few times. I have to move it on as i can no longer store it. PM my if interested. Drewe
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    B5 A4 bumper

    B5 bumper with fog lights. No vents or lower balance. Would need paint but it's all straight. $50 ONO.
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    Strangelove's B5 EFR build

    A special Gbomer update: The Engine is in position! I've got the built motor and gearbox into the car now. The mounts, axels and drive shaft are all bolted back up. I've connected all the plugs at the back (speed sensors, knock sensors, alternator, starter motor, etc) And the shifter is all...
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    Strangelove's B5 EFR build

    Ok more progress this weekend. Started working out how to run the lines for the turbo, Pag Parts gave me a line kit but a lot of it doesn't make much sense. Strange hose lengths and and odd selection of fittings. I emailed him about it but haven't heard back yet... Out of all the banjo...
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    FS: AJL Engine

    I've got an AJL from an A4 B5 coming out in the next couple of weeks to make way for my built block. Engine runs strong with around 215k on it. It will be missing the thermo fan and power steering pump and maybe a couple of other bits depending on what's needed on my new engine. Open to offers...
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    Strangelove's B5 EFR build

    Ok update time! I've managed to get the built block back and into the garage. Paul (Euro Works) met me early on Saturday and leant me an engine stand to make it easier to assemble everything else onto the block and head. Awesome guy and clearly a victim of his success as he's always super busy...
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    Faint voltage signal?

    Hey All, Hopefully someone on here is much better with electronics than i am. I've just wired in a Duel VEI gauge into my B5 A4 and have an issues with it swapping between "day" and "night" mode. To get this working you need to tap into one of the 12v signals that comes on when you turn on the...
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    16" wheel and tyre

    If anyone's keen come grab it before it gets thrown. Cheers!
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    B5 1.8T bits

    I've got a few bits from my B5 A4 Quattro 1.8T that i'd like to get rid of, hit me up with a PM if you're interested. Stock front brake calipers Rear diff k03 turbo (no shaft play) ABS module (works perfectly) Tail lights (facelift) also after expressions of interest for my AJL long block and...
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    b5 a4 GP wheels

    I've got 10 wheels in various condition. One set it from my old car that was written off and the other is from my current car. I've swapped to S4 wheels to fit my larger brakes under otherwise i'd have kept these. If anyones interested in some or all of the wheels let me know else they'll all be...
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    A4 B5 Fuel Pump Basket Removal

    Hey All, I've just spent the afternoon struggling to remove my fuel pump basket to replace the pump. I've done it once before on a previous B5 and had little trouble. But this one is a massive pain. I've tried knocking it with a hammer and long screwdriver, leveraging it with two long...
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    B5 1.8T e85 impressions

    So i've just swapped over from a "stage 1" tune on my B5 A4 to an "e85 stage 1" tune from Quattro Motorsport. It's worth mentioning that I changed from the stock exhaust to a Milltek resonated cat back at the same time. So far it's been very impressive! :woah2: I'd say that it feels like a...
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    B5 A4 Noise when braking.

    So i've recently developed a noticeable "thug, thug, thug" noise under medium and hard braking. It happens multiple times and slows in interval with the car speed. I've recently changed to Boxster calipers with s4 rotors. Also worth noting that i damaged an ABS sensor when changing my control...
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    B5 BBK help!

    So this weekend i upgraded my a4 b5 front brakes to Porsche Boxster S calipers (Akebono pads) and s4 rotors (Zimmerman plain) i mounted everything up using brackets and lines from Apikol. After bleeding the system the front right side in particular is binding to the point that it will stop the...
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    Strangelove's B5 EFR build

    The time for talk is over, it's time to strap an EFR on and see what e85 can do with it. Here's my current B5 as i was driving it back from NSW to VIC: At the end of 2013 i was t-boned by a cab that wrote off my black b5.:swear: I bought it back and have been slowly pulling it apart since...
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    Engine Builder? (VIC)

    So i've had a think and decided to get some help with some of the more precision parts of my build. I'm looking for someone who can spec out and assemble a 1.8t bottom end for me. Has anyone had a good experience with a workshop assembling their 1.8T in Melbourne? I think audvolks in an option...
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    AJL Engine build (B5 A4)

    As some of you might know i've got a spare engine that i'm going to build up to replace my current one. The block was running in my previous B5 before an accident so I know that it's not using any oil and runs fine so i'm not expecting to see anything horrible when i open it up. My reason for...
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    PS belt tension

    I've got a b5 1.8t Quattro. I'm doing a timing belt job at the moment and after fitting the Power steering belt it's still what I would consider loose. It's the clamp pully style of tensioner (which I hate). Just wondering what others think, should I get a new belt that's tighter? (This one...