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    Reverse Camera not working - after flat battery

    A4 Avant, 2009 Left key device in ignition, called RAC (WA) and charged the battery but notice today that the reversing camera isn't showing. What is shown in the User Manual doesn't remedy the situation. any ideas about this? All the other nav time set etc etc are Ok.
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    I have Bridgestone Select coverage on my tyres - now at 24 months, in good condition. The free service includes things like battery check. They asked if my A4 Avant (diesel, 2009) had start-stop because the battery in use was typically fitted to vehicles that have that feature. Mine doesn't...
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    Emission Control system warning - A4

    I would appreciate some advice from those who are a bit more familiar with the pollution control system and filters than me. Owners Manual for the A4 is a bit cryptic about this (page 18, page 215 for the A4 Avant). The warning light was on for most of the time today, short trips, Perth max...
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    Running hot? is this normal for summer

    When parked and switched off, the cooling is active and quite loud for several minutes. It has been quit hot weather here in Perth, but only 35 today and this occurred today after driving only 10km or less in Perth suburbs, from home then back. It's an A4 Avant 2009 with 105000km or so...
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    A4 Avant 2009 - Central locking problem

    The central locking switch at upper part of driver's door has broken internally, coinciding with an unlock problem with the keylock device. Only the driver's door does NOT unlock - but about 2% of the time it does. My Audi is an A4 Avant, 2009. I'm not convinced that it is only the mechanical...
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    Need tyres for A4 2009

    My A4 2009 Avant currently has Bridgestone, on 17" wheels - 225/50R17 - and they are getting a bit thin, also picked up a screw and this prompts me to replace all 4. Recommendations? I drive sedately (of course) and do mainly urban, sometimes country and off-road if necessary - so I don't need...
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    Water leak?

    Hoping that someone may have had a similar experience and fixed it .... On a few occasions in the last couple of months I've had a leak/dampness in the front passenger well, which I can't remedy. It was suggested that it might be condensation from A/C but seems too much. Sometimes, it coincides...
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    A4 rear wipers

    I'm hearing a bit of noise from rear wipers - are they easy enough to fit with new rubbers, and where's a good place to buy them? (Melbourne - 2009 A4)
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    Disabling the manual gear selection

    Somehow I have activated the manual gear selection of my A4 Avant (2009), and I need to disable it. from reading the Owner's Manual, I don't think it is doing much harm but it is certainly annoying. The manual, section Automatic gearbox, page 147 has an image - I may take a pic and add it here.*...
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    Hello - new A4 owner

    Having discovered these forums, I naturally have a few questions. I'll get through my 5 NOOB posts and ask the same on the other sections, later - as I doubt many people would check the NOOB section. I bought an A4 Avant (2009) about 3 months ago, and really enjoy driving it. Being relatively...