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    Extended Warranty

    Hi Everyone What do people think about extended warranties? I own a 2018 Audi TT RS and my new car warranty is about to expire. Audi have told me that as of 1 May they no longer offer extended warranties. They recommend I use Eric Insurance. Any opinions on them? What do you think about...
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    Should I be Worried?

    I own a 2018 TT RS and went for a drive on Sunday and was travelling at approximately 80km/h when after a crest, the asphalt became a dirt road. The level of the dirt road was at most 10cm below the level of the paved road (and that’s being very generous). I heard a bang or loud knock from...
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    TT to be discontinued = Future Collector?

    With Audi announcing that the TT in petrol format will be discontinued, do people out there think that the current models will eventually become collector cars and increase in value? I ask this because I was looking to modify my TT RS, but if it becomes an investment then it might be wise to...
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    Drive The Great Alpine Road in VIC

    G'day Guys and Gals. I considered posting this in the 'Events' section but seeing as this is not a club event, I wasn't certain. So here goes... I'm planning on driving from Melbourne to Wangaratta on Xmas eve, staying overnight and then driving the Great Alpine Road to Metung on Xmas day...
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    A Day at Audi Sport Week

    Hi Everyone So this is a bit overdue, but better late than never. On 26 September 2018 I took part in an Audi Drive Day Experience during their Sport Week. The event was in Adelaide at the newly-finished private circuit called The Bend. Participants came from all over Australia yet only 36...
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    My TT RS

    I collected my TT RS today. Only drove it (nervously) 5km to Autofidelity to have the security work done. Then I collect it on Wednesday and drive it a bit further to The Ultimate Detailer for exterior and interior protection as well as window tinting. Then I finally get it back for good early...
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    GUTCH's Introduction & 2018 TT RS

    Hi Everyone I've been lurking in the shadows for quite some time now. I had tried to register while I was living overseas but that turned out to be a challenge. Now that I'm back in Australia it seems to have gone more smoothly. Enough with the small talk and let me get onto the juicy part...