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    Camshaft timing valve part No.

    Hi all, My mechanic broke the plug to the camshaft timing valve on my 3.0TFSI. He is a bit hopeless and I would rather find the part myself... Could anyone confirm that the left and right are the same part? I have the left as 06E257E Looking around online, they all seem to be 06E109257. Can...
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    Buying an AGM battery...

    So my A6 C7 3.0TFSI battery is about cooked. I called my battery supplier and he quoted me $430, trade for a Delkor 910CCA. Looking around, I can't really find better. I can see a Varta for $500. I assume it is better, but is it worth the extra dollar? The biggest question of all... Is there...
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    ABS not functioning

    So I purchased an A6 C7 last year with 100K on it. Had the rear brakes replaced as part of the roadworthy. I had to emergency brake and the wheels totally locked up. I have tested it multiple times and there is no sign of the ABS existing. I have made sure the fuse is there, I have checked for...
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    Programming used key

    So I Purchased an A6 last year and have had a spare key that isn't registered to the cars MMI. I finally found the time to take it to Audi and they said it has been linked to a Q5, so it is virtually rubbish. Most of my research says this is correct, although I did find someone saying the key...
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    Will these wheels fit?

    I have a C7. I'm wondering whether these wheels will fit? I have 20's at the moment, not suitable for country drives so much, not much shock absorption with 35's. Thought I'd invest in some more comfy wheels. They are supposedly off an allroad. I did the math, the circumference is virtually...
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    Buying a C7 3.0T a good idea?

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a 2011 C7 3.0 Supercharged Audi. I was wondering how problematic/reliable? I read bad stuff about A4's of the same year. Of course I wouldn't expect much of the same issues if any, but best to ask, than find out the hard way. I understand the A4 suffered issues...
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    Noobie after a manual B8 (B8.5 if possible questions)

    Hi all, My name is Shai. I have been looking for a car $10K to 25K, funnily enough... I have been hovering around closer to the $10K mark due to that being where most manual B8's are. Mind you, I am also after a quattro, so the 2.0T. I understand the B8.5 is the less flawed B8. I have only...