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    VAGCOM Gold Coast

    Hello. Anyone around the Gold Coast willing to scan my car with their VAGCOM? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Major Problems

    Hi Guys, I have a major problem now with my 03 A4 2.4L V6. This has gradually gotten worse but today I feel like I have no power. The car takes 30-40 seconds to accelerate to 50km. The car sounds likes there's a popping noise (like when u blow a plastic bag up and pop it with your hands). I...
  3. L

    What is this??

    Hi guys, opened my bonnet and have found this weird hose type thing just laying about. Not sure if it's been cut or pulled out from somewhere. Anyone know what I might be. Vehicle is a 2003 A4 2.4L V6 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AUDI B6 Lowered Springs

    Hi guys, i have a set of lowered springs on my B6 and wanted to swap for the standard springs. So anyone in SE Queensland that wants their ride lowered for free, give me a hoy and we will swap. Only thing is, you'll have to do the swap :nod:
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    Slow acceleration, bunny hopping

    Hi guys, I have an issue and have seen similar but not exact. I have 2.4L A4 2003 auto. When I accelerate heavy the car bunny hops from complete stop. There's also a significant power deficiency (I can't even beat a Hyundai excel). I have cleaned the MAF sensor without any significant...
  6. L


    Hi guys, Luke here. Drive: A4 B6 2.4L S-line, fat wheels. I'm experiencing bunny hopping from full stop when i plant the foot on the accelerator and really low power. Sometimes if I accelerate heavy I find the revs go really high but speed will stay the same or sometimes even decrease if...