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    Headlight wiring and oil leak

    My C6 S6 was giving me the usual headlight warning light and, again as usual, when I looked inside the wiring was cooked with insulation fragments everywhere. I had this problem previously on a B7 S4 and replaced the headlight with an outrageously expensive used unit. So this time I decided it...
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    S6 C6 rear armrest

    I was thinking that - seems you can get repair kits for the smaller latches (used on the front armrest?) but I have not found this one yet.
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    S6 C6 rear armrest

    The catch for the top lid of the rear centre armrest in my 2006 6 is broken and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. I found the broken one in the car and the only thing resembling a part number on it is 101 99 79, which is not coming up anywhere as an Audi part. I've had to tape the lid...
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    Xenon igniter repair?

    I have a new Xenon igniter on its way through the supply chain, but... Does anybody know of anyone who can repair these things? Nothing obviously wrong to me, but I am no electronics person.
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    Good wreckers or parts place in Perth?

    Any good sources of used Audi parts in the Perth WA area? Or suppliers of EOM and after market parts?
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    Serpentine belt tensioner

    I'm planning to replace the serpentine belt, tensioner, and idlers as necessary on my B7 S4. I've been through the whole service position thing with an A6 C5 V8 a few years ago, so that's not too daunting. But.. I've read that the tensioner on the S4 is manually adjusted, rather than the usual...
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    B6 or B7?

    My new (to me) 2006 S4 has a build date 4/06 which I think makes it a B7, but the approval plate says build date 6/06 and "Audi B6"? Rear end looks like the attached picture, are those B7 tail lights?