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    2009 A6 Air Intake Hose

    Replacement part ordered from Europe will take 4 weeks. Next question and I don't want to start a new tread. Can you do a Regenerate "Burn" of the Diesel Particulate Filter using a Snap-On scan tool? This car says you can't. Do you need a VAG scanner to do this. The car passes all the...
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    2009 A6 Air Intake Hose

    Thanks. I'll give them a try. Edit: OK, so nothing comes up with the second part number, however there are a few in the UK using the first one. Only 1 will post to Australia but the delivery timing and combined cost including postage is reasonable (good actually), so I'm hopeful. I've asked...
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    2009 A6 Air Intake Hose

    I'm hoping somebody may be able to assist. My son's 2009 Audi A6 Sedan has a split in the Air Intake Hose. This only happened a few weeks ago and he was going to try to tape it up, but I suggested silicon. He has just had the car to a mechanic as it has a few other issues (Diesel Particulate...
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    Parking brake manual reset C6 A6 Allroad 2010

    Thanks. I'd already watched that one. I've given it further thought and I believe that using that method, or as I did by removing the motor and winding it out manually, should be safe. There are no sensors on the rear brake pads so the only problem would have been that after pumping the brake...
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    Parking brake manual reset C6 A6 Allroad 2010

    Hi everybody. This appears to be the best place to ask a few questions. My son has recently bought a 2009 (manufactured 2008) A6 Quattro TDI3. He heard scrubbing noise in what he thought was his rear brakes which turned out to be correct. After watching a few YT videos and with reasonable...
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    Central Coast NSW

    Hi all. This is now the third forum I've been required to join just to be able to work on my son's cars. First it was a BMW forum, then a Ford Ranger forum, and now here I am in Audi land. First issue I need to discuss is EPB and rear brake service. I see there is a relevant thread already so...