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    Firmware and Oz 2021 Maps for 2013 A6 allroad

    Just a note to say that it is possible to avoid dealer unreasonable pricing and update the firmware and maps. A few 3rd parties do it for a fee, but you can do it yourself. I have managed (with a bit of mucking about and learning) to get the HN+R EU AU K0900 updated to HN+R EU AU K0942 4, as...
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    Hope you don't need parts...

    Not that you can control it right now, but do your hardest to not need parts, FFS. After waiting 4+ weeks for a bunch of parts last November, it's got worse... 4 weeks after a driveshaft was ordered, 2 weeks after it was due, it's now another 4 weeks before it arrives, if you believe them...
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    MY13 Allroad - panoramic sunroof leak

    Hi, Has anyone had any experiences with sunroof leaks (rear, passenger side)? I have a bad leak (~10 Litres of water from 22m of rain)
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    Smash repair times & Insurance lessons

    To state the bleeding obvious... Whatever you do, Don't get hit. 6th Feb, The C7 allroad was front car in a 3 car rear-ender. Drivable afterwards with bent exhaust, dinged up tailgate and bumper. (the poor A4 behind would have been a write-off) It took 3 weeks before the insurance company...
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    Random pics of your c7

    Nice numberplate. Here's my allroad with the LED headlights.
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    Just bought a 2013 allroad...

    Anyone else with a new C7 (or is it 4G) Allroad? Thoughts / comments / things to look out for? I just ordered one, the 2001 C5 allroad was getting old & tired & time for an upgrade. Took one and a Q5 for a drive and the allroad is a much nicer drive (I guess it should be for the price...
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    WTB:A6 / Allroad roof racks (Cross bars)

    Hi, Anyone have the roof rack cross bars for an 01 Allroad wagon that they would like to sell??