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    A6 C6/4F ZF Gearbox issue

    Hi all. A6 c6/4f 3.0tdi with a ZF6HP19A auto gearbox. The car was getting stuck in 3\4th gear and would not change. You could cycle the car on/off and it would vome hood gor aqhole. Then after a coule of days ot has no drive at all. Fluid is fine, took it to an auto trans shop amd they said if...
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    H&R Springs?

    Hi, Has anyone installed H&R sport springs 40mm lower on a Audi A6 4F/C6? How did it change the ride quality? Thanks.
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    What would you pay?

    Hi, what would you pay for the following vehciles? Thanks. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Audi-A6-2004/OAG-AD-15406891 https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Audi-A6-2009/OAG-AD-15560762
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    Are these options worth $6k

    Hi all. Would you pa $6k difference for a face lifted A6 4f. 2005 a6 3.0tdi, Leather, roof that's it. 2011 6 3.0td, travelled 30,000kms more, leather, roof, sports/heated seats, HID's,BOSE surround, rear camera, sat nav + others Thanks.
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    Which remap 3.0 tdi

    Hi All, Which remap should i go for Audi A6 4F 3.0 tdi? Looking for Torque numbers and below the curve power etc. Any flash tunes etc for the 6 speed ZF auto? In Sydney. Thanks.
  6. H

    A6 4f Speaker upgrade.

    Hi all, Does anyone have any links to A6 4f/C6 speaker upgrade threads on various forums? So i can get an idea of what people have done and to what levels. I am just looking at OEM location upgrade, over the days of fibreglass and pods etc. Thanks.
  7. H

    A6 4f audio options? 2004 model.

    Hi all, what are the options for getting the following. 1. IPhone access for music, prefer hard wired, but bluetooth would be useful as well. I have seen the enfig videos and do not like the idea of pulling the console apart as I don't want rattles and thats inevitable if I start doing that...
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    10+ year old A6, steer clear?

    Hi all I have been warned against purchasing a 10+ year old Audi. It's an A6 3.0tdi, 2005 model. People are saying run. Are they right? Thanks.
  9. H

    thoughts on this as a car for my wife?

    Check out this Audi A3. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Audi-A3-2006/SSE-AD-3688246 Thoughts on the above for my wife? She did have a new mkv gti DSG, but sold it after the warranty ran out. I thought for the price it may be not bad, any issues I should look for with the kms and...
  10. H

    A6 4F 3.0tdi thoughts?

    Hi all, Looking for a car as a daily commute, 30 minutes each way mainly 80-110kmh for 20 minutes of that. Was either thinking a MKV gti ( wife previously had one) or a 3.0tdi A6. Any issues with the A6, it would be 10 years old now and around 100,000kms. Any service things that should be...