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    S3 8V front headrest removal

    Anyone know how to remove the headrest from the front drivers seat of an S3 8V?
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    Lunch Time Grand Prix

    Was driving back to the office where I was following a late model BMW M5. I won’t put his number plate up here, but in long hand it translated into AMG KILLER. Very nice car, and we were both sticking to the speed limit. The road opened up into two lanes, he went left and I stayed right, we came...
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    Harding Performance HD Clutch Review

    4 Months ago I fitted a Harding Performance HD SM clutch to my S3 8V manual, so thought it was time to do a quick review for those poor souls who drive the manual and can never find any info on Aussie sites. The stock dual mass clutch is very doughy and has an inconsistent take up, in contrast...
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    S3 Front Brakes & Rotors

    In March 2017 my S3 8V had its 3rd service at Audi, the last before it’s warranty period expired. I had 29k on the clock & Audi called to tell me my front brake pads and rotors needed replacing. I asked them what the minimum rotor thickness was and they couldn’t tell me, and wanted $1000 for...
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    S3 8V Clutch Pedal Sticking

    Since October last year my S3 manual has been playing up in a rather odd way. If I try to launch it from stand still in first gear at 4000rpm or higher, the clutch tends to stick about 50mm off the floor when I release the pedal. The revs then increase as I attempt to drive off at WOT and the...
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    Black Friday Sales - November 24th to 27th

    Heads up, these guys are having a black Friday sale (November 24th to 27th). Check it out, and please post other links if you know of any other Black Friday Sales. Cheers.... Unitronic...
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    Which tune for S3

    And the winner is.........................Unitronic. Wow, what an awesome tune. I love it. When you get the Stage 1+ tune they also give you the Stage 1 tune as well. I can also roll it back to stock if I want. Hardest part was setting up the account with Unitronic. The tune took 15 minutes to...
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    Extreme Parking Thread

    Not bad for lunch time at Toombul.....I know she needs a wash
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    What have you done to / with your 8V today?

    Removed the flow restrictor from the clutch bleeder block today. Easy mod. Removes the delay engaging/disengaging the clutch. Put's a little feel back into the clutch pedal, I can now feel the take up point. Little easier to launch as when your left foot goes down, the clutch disengages, when...
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    Which tune for S3

    So, time to tune my S3. Done plenty of research and have it narrowed down to 3 options: 1 - OEM+ stage 1 tune, 260kw & 485nm $1750 Brisbane tuner 2 - Unitronic stage 1+ 275kw & 475nm $1050 Brisbane tuner (or online option) 3 - JB4 various maps / tunes available - piggy back unit $649...
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    What have you done to / with your 8V today?

    Fitted the 034 dogbone insert today, easy install took 15 minutes, most of which was jacking up/down the car. You just need a torque wrench to set the bolt to 100nm when refitting. I've only driven 50 klms but it does give the impression of firming up the front end. There is a slight increase...
  12. B

    Turbo Muffler Delete

    Mod bug bit hard. Installed a racingline drop in filter, they claim its worth 15nm, but that's most likely in conjunction with the snow grate removal. It has a good effect on induction sound combined with the turbo inlet elbow and turbo muffler delete. Posted some pics: Stock V TMD Stock V...
  13. B

    Turbo Muffler Delete

    Installed a racingline turbo muffler delete today, my first mod, thought I'd start with something easy. Took just under an hour to fit. It's claimed to give a slight increase in power, increase throttle response and liberate a little sound from the turbo. Been wanting to do this mod for a while...
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    S3 8V Manual - Clutch Kit

    Got a 2014 S3 8V Manual and I want to tune it. Looking at APR or Raceline OEM+. Both tuners are within 3 blocks of where I work, so lucky me. However I have the manual transmission, and from what I can see I will need to upgrade the clutch for a stage 1 tune, that's a given (APR & oem+/Raceline...
  15. B

    S3 8V - Will 245/40/18 tyres fit on stock 18's?

    Hi, I've got about a 1000km left in my tyres and am looking at RE003''s to replace the factory Conti's. My stock tyres are 225/40/18, I've priced 235/40/18, but I'm not sure if 245/40/18 tyres will fit on the stock rims without rubbing. I want as wide as I can got to protect the rims from gutter...